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BOBBY’S SHOW at NAC by Brad Hill
Saturday 8 March 2014
On display until Friday 21 March

Opening Reception
Saturday 8 March at 8pm

I am a BMX rider from Thorold, ON. My parents bought me a BMX when I was 11 and I have rode since. At 13 I got my first point and shoot digital camera so I could start documenting BMX.  My parents have always helped me out with whatever I needed for BMX, video or photography since the start. I got in with a group of kids who rode and that is where I’ve come across my biggest influences and best friends. Now I reside in Vancouver where all of my hobbies thrive. So this show is heavily west coast based, but there are a few photos in here from earlier years on different trips. Here is what I worked on for a couple of the winter months.