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Angels in the Outfield
Meghan Harder

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market
46 Turner Crescent, St. Catharines

On display until Sunday 6 August 2023

This exhibition takes its title from the 1994 family comedy about a young orphan named Roger who prays for his favourite baseball team to win. His prayers seemingly come true when a group of angels start helping the team, but Roger soon realizes that what he truly needs is a family.

Since 2020, Meghan Harder has been collecting images posted publicly on Snapchat in the “outfields” of Southwestern Ontario. Her collection selectively archives quotidian life as documented by everyday people: a foggy bowl of instant ramen; a rearview mirror accessory dangling before a dark highway; the rear end of a dog on a leash. This exhibition expands on the beauty, horror, and palpable desire for transcendence and human connection felt below the topsoil of banality in these images.

Meghan Harder is a visual artist from St. Catharines, now living in the Grand River Watershed.