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Niagara Shorts at the Niagara Artists Centre
Part of the Niagara Integrated Film Festival

Thursday 19 June 2014 | Beginning at 6:45PM
Ten bucks to get in | Licensed Event


The Boob
Hot Divorcee
Director: Jonathan Culp


Greater Than
Canada (Niagara)
29 min
Director: Darryl Shaw

When a stubborn ID forger falls for a beautiful but emotionally damaged illegal immigrant, he struggles to understand her grueling idea of what love truly is.

A gritty, urban tragedy with even darker undertones, Greater Than is a twisted romantic horror, where love itself becomes the monster. It is equally beautiful and horrifying; as sex and mortality become interchangeable. It’s the study of a stubborn but generous man, who falls for a beautiful girl with a painful past. But instead of healing her pain, their love transforms into something altogether new and uncomfortable, but chillingly pure!