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reflection from Jamie Campbell

When Tom Boyne casts a story, you’ll surely get tangled all up in it. I mean this. He has charm, and a strong jaw line. He is an example of a confident man. You will not catch him hesitate.  He tells every story as if he has told it at least one-thousand times prior. Some, I am sure, he has. Each is delivered with perfect pauses, and flawless flow.  You’ll sink in, you’ll settle. He will reel you in.

If he was a fisherman and the story was his only bait, then it would be no great surprise that he caught so many god damn blue fin tuna in just three days.

Chris Boyne, however, is a different man than his father. His delivery is much more subtle. He depends on nuances, and inconsistencies, and fabrication, and exaggeration. Poetics are more important than facts. The sentiment of the story outweighs mere delivery. When Chris Boyne tells a story, it is lasting.

He is the hook – the object that represents the grandiose tale. His stories are the ones that sit on a shelf, overlooked by most. If you are not careful, or the type willing to seek them out, they are easily missed. I can assure you though, that they are some of the most thoughtful and honest around. I’ll say it again, when Chris Boyne tells a story, it is lasting – but you must be prepared to listen.


Jamie Campbell is an artist currently living in Toronto, Ontario.