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periwinkle blues
Christopher Boyne

In the Plate Glass Gallery at NAC
Opening Reception is Saturday 9 August 2014 at 7PM

periwinkle blues marks a moment from my fathers history. While fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the late nineteen-seventies my father was on a boat called Lucky Strike which landed five blue fin tuna in three days. This was an incredible achievement as most boats in the fleet would not catch five of these fish over their entire season. The five fish ranged in weight from just under four-hundred to over one thousand pounds. My father caught two fish each weighing eight-hundred pounds. He kept the hook from one of the catches in a pine box on top of his bureau and he kept pictures of him standing next to the enormous fish as they hung from their tails at the dock in the top drawer of his desk. I spent my entire life looking at these images and pushing my fingertips into the sharp point of the enormous hook.

About the Artist

Chris Boyne (b. 1984. Halifax, Nova Scotia) is a photo-based artist who uses found ideas, memory and fiction to create work with manifold complexities. His work has been shown across Canada and in the United States and he is the recipient of multiple awards including the Dick and Gretchen Evans Fellowship for Photography. He is currently based in Montreal and Halifax.

Not All There
Emily Andrews
Dennis  Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
Opening Reception Saturday 9 August 2014 at 7PM

Emily Andrews is a Niagara Falls based visual artist, actress, and musician who works in the form of paintings, drawings, sculpture and collage. Her collection of surrealistic oil paintings explore the dichotomy between chaos and control in reference to the inner workings of the human mind. A graduate of Brock University with a BA in visual arts, she was one of the artists in residence chosen by the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2012 and was this year’s recipient of the Allister Young Arts & Culture Endowment Fund. Her debut solo exhibition, Not All There will be on display at the Niagara Artists Centre from Saturday 9 August to Friday 22 August.

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Travel Assistance for Professional Visual, Media, and Craft Artists
Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday 10 September at 5PM

Regan Peacock Fung took tremendous joy in the world around her. Her courageous spirit, keen judgment and infectious laughter enriched the lives of those who knew her. Regan’s passing in September 2011, from Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, was a devastating loss.

Regan had a love of art since kindergarten, when her drawing was published in the children’s section of our newspaper. She pursued her interest in high school and then attended Concordia University, earning a degree in studio art and art history. She had a studio at home and spent her free time, when possible, painting large canvasses. When she became ill, it was her painting that gave her focus and solace. Her art hangs on the walls of family and friends, proof of its enduring importance. We cannot think of a better way to honour her life than through an endowment for Niagara Artists Centre.

– Claudia Peacock

The Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Fund has been established by Regan’s parents, Bob and Claudia, and brother, Erik, to honour her memory and two of the passions that enriched her life: art and travel. Money raised through the fund will provide assistance to professional visual, media and craft artists living in Niagara. Annually, an artist will be awarded $1000 toward their travel expenses artist in Canada or abroad to attend, or participate in, activities related to their work as an artist.


St. Catharines Legacy Project: Community Portraits
Call for Participants
Saturday 16 August
> Appointments available throughout the day

The St. Catharines Legacy Project: Community Portraits is a project to photograph as lasting documentation the people in the city of St.Catharines.

This is a long-term project that debuted at In the Soil Arts Festival and will continue for the life of the artist.

Sandy Middleton is a photographer and multi media artist living in St.Catharines. Her work is primarily landscape, travel and street photography. She has been working on a series called Family Album that has dealt with memory, loss and personal identity.

The St. Catharines Legacy Project is a continuation of that work by stretching the ideas of history and identity and community out beyond her own families borders. “I feel this It is an important project as we are going to become a lost generation of personal images as we record most of our lives on our digital devices this project will help to remember our place in our city and community’s future by thorough documentation of its people.”