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Emma Fleury
Reception Wednesday 8 July 7PM-10PM
With live music by Pindles & Oak and Elm

On display from Friday 3 July – Friday 10 July

A photo-montage and mixed media documentation of the hidden nooks and miniscule landscapes of Niagara’s Bruce Trail along with the magical beings whose paths have floated in tune with mine merged with pure fanatical imagination. Friends turned into leaf-winged fairies and horned elves within lush mossy terrains filled with lichens, fungi and blossoms of southern Ontario escarpment forests. A physical reaction over the course of 365 days to my home the Niagara region and the sublime friendships with the inhabitants.

A hand made book of poetry, stories and artworks from myself and friends will be available the evening of the opening, a continuation of an attempt of grasping and documenting the inspiring artists and musicians making up the st catharines arts community.

– Emma Fleury

Artist Bio
Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist from St. Catharines Ontario. Ems work is a mergence of imaginative dreams and earth’s landscapes through mixed mediums. Ems creations appear in photography, hand photo-montage, canvas painting, sculpture, installation, music, scores, film and on screen.

In 2010 Em graduated from Laura Secord Secondary School for Music and Arts with Honours and the Visual Arts Awards. In 2010, Em attended the University of the Fraser Valley for Visual Arts, specializing in sculpture, installation and mixed media. This is where she began her research and exploration of the human relationship with nature and intuitive processes of art making exhibiting many sculpture/installation works in Abbotsford as well as performing music through out southern B.C. In 2012, Em has been a student and artist in the St. Catharines arts scene for three years upon her return from British Columbia, attending Brock and graduating with a degree in studio arts and an independent study.  Em has produced a multitude of original art; working with local artists, professors, and collaborators from the United States on projects like “Poison and Pearls” a feature film in production (dir. Skyler Wakil), RHIZOMES Magiclund Interactive installation at In the Soil April 2014, Oak and Elm at In the Soil 2013 to Oak and Elm Band at S.C.E.N.E FEST 2012. Etc.
Artist website
(new website in processes of creation)