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It’s membership month at NAC

We’ve already marked six full moons in 2015, time for NAC’s annual membership drive.

We concentrate our appeal for membership renewals, and for new members to join, in the month of June. Mercifully, we’ve held the campaign off until the last half of the month—hey, that means you only have to endure fifteen days of electronic badgering, begging, cajoling, and pleading. Consider this a fair measure of NAC’s capacity to empathize. See, we care.

An annual membership starts at a measly $40 ($35 for students). You could float this thing on a back porch bottle drive!

NAC holds our end of the bargain proudly:

  • Members are subscribed to this electronic newsletter to keep you looped on what’s happening at NAC, with our members, and at other Niagara arts organizations. That’s right, we’re offering that rarest of things we’re all starving for these days—more information!
  • Artist members get the run of Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery. Dennis was one of NAC’s sixteen founding members and he rocked work out at a pace that’d rival a Red Bull addled beaver with a palm pilot. This space exists so Niagara artists can quickly exhibit work and generate scratch. Check out Carrie Perrault’s current show to see how amazing exhibits in this space can look.
  • Members receive cut-rates on NAC special events. Our visual art exhibits are always free but then we heap on film screenings, music events, literary readings and that wearable-whatever-it’s-called-fiasco. There are going to be more and more of these special events happening with the opening of the Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace, kicking-off on Saturday 20 June with The Nihilist Spasm Band. If you made it out to a half-dozen events in the next twelve months your membership’d pay for itself.  It may not exactly be a win-win (that ubiquitous measure of success that every politician and tie-bound business type seems to have devoted their life to pursuing) but it would definitely be a break-even-break-even! Sincerely and sweetly.
  • Only NAC members have access to our tool library of film, video, photo, and audio equipment. There’s too much here to list, but our arsenal of equipment knocks straight through any technological barriers for creating quality work. Whether it’s making it or presenting it, we’ve got what it takes.
  • Members have voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting in November – as a member you get to help our organization make decisions. Attendance at the AGM also entitles you to at least one piece of southern fried chicken.
  • Then there are our donor categories: Supporter ($100), Patron ($240), and Benefactor ($300+). Want to put something more behind the hardest-working Artist-run-Centre north of the Barnwell South Carolina birthplace of James Brown? NAC’s forty-five uninterrupted years of bringing it is our testament to making the most of your benevolence. All donors receive a charitable receipt and there are perks like prints, warmth, and fuzziness.

Members are the lifeblood of our little tree-fort with a budget, we’re counting on you. We’ve attached all kinds of gimmicks to this drive in the past, top-ten lists, haikus, memes, and infotainment ads, but this go around it’s just the straight goods: