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Sandy Fairbairn’s Curb Appeal in the DTMG and the Annual Bond Street Studio Sale, both happening on Saturday 7 December, both happening on the same block!
Photographs by Sandy Fairbairn
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
Saturday 7 December 12-4

In his journey of over forty years through the art world,
Sandy Fairbairn continues resolutely on the margins and in the ditch. The photographs in his exhibition titled, ‘CURB APPEAL : THE GARDEN CITY.’ capture some of the architectural aspects of St. Catharines that he finds most appealing.

Describing his artistic vision and process he says,
“I’ve been to Europe and Paris too, but I’ve never bothered taking a picture of Notre Dame, eh? I like that stuff on Geneva Street way better. I spent five years at art school and I learned a whole lot. I just can’t remember exactly what it was.”

 2. Annual Bond Street Studio Sale and Open House
Featuring work by NAC Members
Melanie MacDonald, Stephen Remus, Ernest Harris Jr., and Ryan Rivando + Bev’s baking
Saturday 7 December from 11AM until 5PM

3 Bond Street (middle door), St. Catharines