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65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living
and Other Works
 by Jeremy Drummond
Saturday 8 October – Saturday 7 December

Opening Reception + Artist Talk
Saturday 15 October at 3pm

65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living
In the summer of 2006, I embarked on a road trip across the majority of North America as a means of capturing source material for future projects. Upon returning home, I decided to archive this source material and shift my focus towards satellite and digital imaging technologies. Foregrounding virtual exploration as a form of contemporary experience; I became interested in this collapse of space and time as an extension of physical, yet peripheral experiences associated with older forms of mechanized travel – particularly, the automobile. Drawing connections between medieval urban design and contemporary gated communities, I also became interested in issues regarding environmental stability and false notions of safety within the context of globalization. In both content and process, I consider 65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living as an extension of my previous works and a point of departure for my expanding interests in landscape development, architectural environments, and relationships between technology and human perception.

65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living exists as a collection of sixty-five aerial images depicting every Canadian Province and US State. Each image portrays a single subdivision that has been digitally reconstructed into an enclosed geographical space – with no roads leading in or out. As an installation, these images are displayed to loosely reflect their original geographic and spatial relationship – functioning as a re-mapping of Canada and the USA. These images are printed as Lambda prints and are face and back-mounted to clear acrylic. As a multiple, these sixty-five images exist as a limited edition boxed-set of offset postcards.
— Jeremy Drummond

Jeremy Drummond is a Canadian artist currently living in Richmond, VA. In 1999 he received a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Western Ontario and in 2003, a MFA in Art Media Studies from Syracuse University. His work has been exhibited widely in festivals, galleries and museums throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.