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A Look Back at the 2010 STRUTT

A Look Back at the 2010 STRUTT

Before looking forward to this year’s 15th annual STRUTT, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back to the 11th STRUTT, held at Brock University’s Market in 2010. This was a memorable event that was pulled off in record time. NAC and it’s volunteers didn’t have full access to the space until the day of the event and in order to get everything set in time, a handful of organizers must have set land speed records. Or perhaps, someone finally figured out teleportation (I always knew it would be an artist).

This 11th edition of STRUTT introduced three new categories for the event, Electronika, Fantastika and Structurika. “Fantastika is kind of a literary thing — Alice in Wonderland, Tolkien–type stuff; Structurika is there for the architecturally inclined; and Electronika covers the stuff that’s powered up with lights or technology of some kind,” explained Natasha Pedros to Pulse Niagara, some four years ago.

This event continued to celebrate the absurd, despite the traditional-food court-meets-study hall setting. This was the closest NAC has ever been to holding the event in Thorold. A year before, STRUTT was held at the former Skyway Bingo Hall at 150 Bunting Rd.

The photos in this set are from a PULSE (R.I.P.) cover shoot with Edwin Conroy Jr., Cole Lewis and Deanna Jones.


— Jordy Yack