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About Getting Your Two Cents In
City of St. Catharines’ Citizen Budget
– Have your say!

How would you spend the City’s money? Would you spend more or less on maintaining roads or providing recreation programs? What about transit, libraries and trees the St. Catharines Cultural Investment Program and the Performing Arts Centre? [ed.].

Last year, the City of St. Catharines invested $102 million to provide services to maintain a high-quality of life for residents. Balancing the wants and needs of the community while at the same time keeping taxes low isn’t easy and it’s something the City takes very seriously.

This year, the City’s budget committee has introduced a new online tool called Citizen Budget that taxpayers can use to tell the City what services they value most. The tool allows users to review how funds were allocated in 2013 and share opinions on what services should be enhanced, reduced or kept the way they are.

The budget committee will consider feedback from the online tool when preparing the 2014 budget, which it is scheduled to present to council Monday 24 February. The Citizen Budget tool is available until Monday 17 February.

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