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Animal Throw
Installation by Parker Branch
Flea Market Gallery
Animal Throw is on display every Sunday from 27 Oct – 12 Jan

Parker Branch is a collaborative curatorial project by artists Anna Madelska and Jason Hallows that occupies a small storefront space in London, Ontario. The project explores the lateral diversions of meaning that become possible between art, found objects, and natural artifacts.

The Parker Branch project for the NAC Flea Market Gallery draws from the visual culture of the flea market and the display strategies of the vendors’ stalls.  In the installation, printed fleece blankets suggest a nighttime visit from a pack of wolves to a forested corner of the market. Coloured tarps form a rudimentary backdrop, while also transitioning from the DIY walls of the surrounding spaces. The movement of the pack echoes the movement of the objects circulating within the market – a multiplicity, in the Deleuzoguattarian sense, gathered together and organized according to dozens of haphazard logics. Each stall is a multiplicity. The market is a multiplicity of multiplicities (wild things) that functions as a peripheral economy at the edge of the green corridor (where the wild gets in), and at the edge of the economic landscape. Tent city. Wild kingdom.