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Celebrating half a century of artist-run culture in Niagara
On display in the Plate Glass Gallery at NAC

What Happened?

A lot.

Too much, really.

And this installation, on display in NAC’s Plate Glass Gallery, will fail to answer just what happened these last fifty years at NAC. We’re leaving it to you to determine from these bits that were left kicking around in the basement.

The Niagara Artists’ Co-operative or Niagara Artists’ Company or Niagara Artists Centre—it’s always been NAC—is not an organization that was ever preoccupied with looking back at what was left in the wake. The reason for this is partially philosophical and partially pragmatic. There was always the next project or exhibit, the energies always focused on making something new, better, or more extraordinary. And, who was going be the caretaker of this accumulation of history? What resources were there to do that?

Installed by visual artist Matt Caldwell, the exhibit presents the remnants of an un-quantifiable level of dedication—originating with a small group of people, across generations, and from a number of backgrounds—who worked to make life in Niagara more interesting.

The many volunteers and staff members who have empowered NAC through these years challenged themselves and they challenged their audiences. The challenges came in many forms, but it was always a variant on a theme: What are your thoughts, on this, as someone living in Niagara?

Check out ARTATHON in the Plate Glass Gallery, NAC’s storefront gallery space. It’s fifty years of doing what can’t really be summed up, accounted for, or even neatly explained in a narrative. And we can’t help with that, NAC is already looking ahead.

See you on the streets.