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A Collection of Abstract Paintings
by Aaron Thompson

Opening Reception Saturday 24 October 2015 7PM
On display until Friday 6 November
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC

A collection of abstract oil paintings and installation by Niagara based artist Aaron Thompson.

My work is a reflection of life; it is a visual representation of current events, my perspective and the human condition through the absence of form. Through adding paint and erasure, choice of direction and circumstantial composition, the painting unfolds. Although I control the next step for the direction of the painting, the tools tend to do what they want, so I must constantly adjust and react to the painting in front of me. I believe that the most important factor for this abstract work is that the result during the process and the end composition is contrary to my intention, without this I doubt any connection will be made with the work. My work is circumstantial intent, much like life.