Thanks to Dan Paquin of Blackbeard’s Barbershop!

NAC hats are off to Dan Paquin of Blackbeard’s Barbershop at the corner of Bond and St. Paul. When Dan moved his business to our neighbourhood just under a decade ago we immediately saw positive change—people coming and going all day to what has to be the busiest shop in the city. Dan is keen on community and he lead the organization of a couple of successful street parties over the years, reaching out to NAC and Liberty Bikes to get BBQs and music happening on the street.

Recently, Dan in his typically modest way, made an outright donation to NAC of $2,000. He dropped by, took out his cheque book, wrote it up, dropped it on us, and without fanfare said simply, “I like what NAC does for the community”.

Short and sweet and out of the blue.

On behalf of NAC’s members, our board, and staff, I thank Dan for his benevolence and his solid commitment to making St. Catharines a more interesting and vibrant place to live.

Thanks Dan!

Stephen Remus
Minister of Energy, Minds, and Resources


congrats + thank you!

NAC Member James Brown won the 2018 Volunteer of the Year award at this year’s Annual General Meeting! James has been volunteering with NAC every Wednesday for the last year and a half.

We’re grateful for our amazing volunteers.

We couldn’t do what we do without volunteers like you!

Holiday Gift Idea #4

Holiday Gift Idea #4

2018 is coming to an end and that means the 2018 tax season is wrapping up too. Why not become a donor member of NAC? Or, make an outright donation because the spirit is moving you? We issue charitable tax receipts lickety-split! at your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre.

If you’re already a member you can upgrade your membership to a Sustaining ($100), Patron ($240), or Champion ($300+) and we’ll write you up that CRA approved receipt!

And you can do it online here!

Holiday Gift Idea #3

Holiday Gift Idea #3

NAC programs the films that screen in The Film House at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre—simply the best place in Niagara to experience the rich world of cinema. Great films, cold beer and fine Niagara wines make a good mix with a piping hot bag of popcorn!  Get your membership before prices go up in January!

Film House members are trendsetters: attend the first screening of any new feature run film (any film screened three times or more) and you qualify for a buy-one-get-one-free discount. As an added bonus, members also receive a voucher for an additional two free tickets to any subsequent screening of that film during its run to give to friends.

Visit the PAC Box Office or website to buy a membership for that special film-loving someone!

•   $25+HST. Valid for one year from date of purchase.
•   $7 entry to all films (2 tickets limit per membership)
•   VIP access to meet and greets, artist chats and receptions

$9 – general admission
$7 –  film house member  // 13 and under

Holiday Gift Idea #2

Holiday Gift Idea #2

Based on the original pen and ink drawing by Alice Crawley

This print, entitled Stilt City, was created based on an original pen and ink drawing by my mother, Alice Crawley, circa 1972. The drawing was used as the cover for the fourth edition of Twelve Mile Creek magazine, a magazine of art and literature edited by Alice that served as a forum for local, national, and international artists and writers.

Note from John Crawley about the Stilt City print:

Alice was the matriarch of Niagara’s artists, with a career beginning in the 1950s and continuing until her death in 2011. She was one of the founding members of the Niagara Artists Co-operative, now the Niagara Artists Centre, along with Dennis Tourbin, John Moffat, and John B. Boyle.

My wife Gaby and I have made the decision to share this work with the help of the Niagara Artists Centre. We commissioned NAC printmakers Stephen Remus, David Legge, and Natasha Pedros to create a limited edition of fifty hand-screened prints on Arches watercolour paper depicting this view of downtown that has since disappeared, but more importantly, to create a legacy for my mom. We are offering this print for sale with all proceeds donated to the Alice Crawley Endowment, a fund held by the Niagara Community Foundation that will support exhibit fees for women artists showing at the Niagara Artists Centre.

Each numbered edition of the print is offered for sale at the price of $400+hst (unframed). They are available at NAC Thursday and Friday 12NN to 5PM and Saturday 12NN to 4PM this week.

John Crawley
NAC Champion Member

Holiday Gift Idea #1

Holiday Gift Idea #1

NAC works with one sole purpose: to make St. Catharines and Niagara a more interesting place to live. It’s what our programming is about and why we support the contemporary visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and performers.

Get someone on the inside track with a NAC membership. We’ll loop them in on all that’s happening, get them cut-rates, and welcome them to the fold.

This is a great krewe, over 300 strong, of creators and their supporters who are all pushing to make Niagara a culturally distinct place to live.

– AND – 

It’s CHEAP! NAC Memberships are a paltry $40 + HST ($35+HST for students) for a year’s enrollment!

Act before this Saturday at 4PM and we’ll get you a sweet little package of NAC publications and a limited edition print! Or sign up online right here anytime.

NAC Members also get discounts!

  • 15% off on coffee and coffee equipment at Craft Arts Market
  • 15% off any Health First Brand vitamins or supplements (sale items excluded) at The Peanut Mill
  • 20% off at Out of the Past
  • 20% off Roly Poly items at the NAC Studio Shop
  • Free admission to over 80 Ontario art galleries through the Ontario Association of Art Galleries

Top 10 reasons your high school ex thinks you should become a NAC member

Top 10 reasons your high school ex thinks you should become a NAC member

10) I’ve been a NAC member a lot of times. Like 50 times. I was a NAC member just yesterday.

9) You want to become a NAC member? Yeah, I guess. Whatever.

8) I wrote this song for you: “One day last November, I realized my love was like an ember, and while it will soon be December, like hot candle wax, one touch and my NAC membership is now ready to be renewed.”

7) You should become a member because the backseat of your mom’s minivan smells like menthol cigarettes and is there like, anywhere else we could go?

6) We are both going away to university, and because I care about you and your full potential, I just want to make sure you are free to explore new artist-run centre opportunities.

5) Now that I am nearing the end of my freshman year, I am extremely happy with the way things are going, and I am very well-liked and fashionable. I hear you have purchased a NAC membership and go there often. Can you confirm if this is true?

4) I know you are “very satisfied” with your use of the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery, exhibition and project space, but did you know NAC memberships are fully refundable if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason? I know that. Do you?

3) I made a horrible mistake. You’ve really integrated into your local art scene and blossomed as a human. I see that now. When you renew your membership, can you get me one too?

2) Heeey. You should become a mega-member because you’ve been ignoring my Facebook requests for over a year and NAC Supporters are googleable.

1) OH HI! I just happened upon your job update on Linkedin from a few years back. Congrats! I’m really into not-for-profit art organization models that do not charge admission fees, and just wanted to say ‘Buongiorno, Bella!’

Top Ten TOM WAITS Reasons to Renew or Sign on TODAY!

Reasons to Renew or Sign on TODAY!

10) I was walking down Sycamore Street early one Sunday morning and I came across an alligator…

9) …now this alligator, he was wearing pants…

8) …I said “hey Allie”, you know, because I thought that must be his name…

7) …I mean, he’s an alligator afterall…

6) …and he was wearing pants…

5)…so I sez, “Hey, Allie Pants,” what are you doing out here on this fine Sunday morning on Sycamore Street…

4) …and he looked at me, all quizzical like…

3) …and he walked up closer, wadding kind of, you know, but uncomfortably and slowly, because he was wearing these red pants…

2) …and he walked up to me, opened his big mouth, looked me straight in the eye and hisssssed with a lisp, a deep alligator hiss:

1) …”Tom, this ain’t Sycamore, it’s Saint Paul, and I’m going to get my NAC membership!!”

G E T  I N !


Top Ten Surrealist Reasons to Sign on or Renew Today

Top Ten Surrealist Reasons
to Join NAC or Renew your membership today!

10) An airborne jello salad yields easily to the clown’s frantic machete

9) et dans ce cloche magnifique
que les mouches sortir la reine de feu
que l’origine enfeuillante enfantile enchanté
que les épaules vertes souffrir encore deux fois

8) An aged butler is standing alone on an ice-floe in the Arctic sea, dutifully holding a dead squirrel on a silver tray

7) Un nuage

6) Circus cannons are shooting overripe melons at a blank film screen

5) The mirror sort du matélas between fissured teeth et que les hiboux marchent

4) The unwanted fondue cookbooks at local yard-sales actually contain valuable tips for fending off a tornado with a rolling pin

3) The polarizing external traits of antennas lift you up to the edge of the previously inaccessible locks containing your dreams

2) Because you’d play outside more often if the potholes in your driveway weren’t brimming with blue barbicide;

1) A talon

June is membership month at your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre! We concentrate our appeal for membership renewals, and for new members to join, for the whole month of June.


  • Online here
  • In person at NAC: Wed – Fri 12NN-5PM or Sat 12NN-4PM
  • Give us a call at 905-641-0331
  • Or by mail – who doesn’t like getting mail?
    354 St. Paul Street
    St. Catharines, ON  L2R 3N2

An annual membership starts at a measly $45 includes HST. You could float this thing on a back porch bottle drive!

Top Ten SPAM Reasons to Become a NAC Member Today

Top Ten SPAM Reasons to Become a NAC Member Today

10) Become a NAC Arts Supporter or Benefactor Member Today and Grow Five Inches!

9) A series of meeting have been held over the past seven month with the Secretary General of the United Nation Organization. This ended three day ago. It is obvious that you have not renewed your NAC membership. A deposit to the tune of $850,000 is owed to you due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the Fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your Fund all in an attempt to swindle your Fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your Fund. Renew your NAC membership today to receive your Fund.

8) Open the door to relaxation. Entering our walk-in tubs are as easy as opening a door and stepping in. Reduce injuries with the ease of NAC membership.

7) Join NAC and find Swiss Replica Watches, Vuitton Bags, Jewelry, Phones, Shoes – Unbelievable Pricing! Watch shows your status! Girls love cool watch!

6) Forget exercises or other techniques, joining is the only thing that will really increase NAC Member size.

5) We lay aside letters never to read them again, and at last we destroy them out of discretion, and so disappears the most beautiful, the most immediate opportunity to join NAC.

4) I am Mr. Gerald Aherne, the Managing Director of Henderson Global Investors Limited, London, the World Largest Fund Management Company with over GBP 1.2 Trillion Capital Investment Fund. Nevertheless, as Finance Director of our firm, I handle all our Investor’s Direct Capital Funds and secretly extracts 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annual on each of the Investor’s Marginal Capital Fund. As an expert in Finance Control, I hereby am looking for a NAC Member in good standing to trust who will stand as an Investor to receive this profit.

3) Cialis 20mg x 90 Pills $155 + NAC Membership + Fast Shipping = 100% SATISFACTION! We accept VISA & Mastercard, Check, 90000 Satisfied US, UK, Customers!

2) Join NAC today and we guarantee you will never receive SPAM again!

1) Join the all new V*I*A*G*R*A – A*R*T*I*S*T*S – C*E*N*T*R*E today!

Top Ten PINTEREST Reasons to renew your membership today!

Top 10 reasons your Pinterest Board [that hates you]
wants you to become a NAC member

10) NAC memberships expire, like your bathmat woven from discount wine cork-composite™ glued end-to-end.
9) NAC memberships offer never-ending possibilities like the self-improvement posts you keep pinning during your Thursday cry.
8) NAC memberships offer no bad surprises, unlike the gender reveal party ideas you never asked for but I send you email alerts for anyway.

7) You’ve already pinned that picture of a baby goat. Whatever, don’t listen to me. Here, try this: the ins and outs of how to put a toddler inside a pumpkin and photograph it screeching like a bird of prey for a solid 40 mins. Hack: Buy a NAC membership and gain access to equipment to make this happen.
6) Your rustic pallet farmhouse dining platform with bonus Jeremy Irons would look great with a NAC membership on it if you could actually follow directions.
5) Unlike your NAC membership, this link for distressed recycled wood has a $500 price tag that is making you question your life choices, and CLICK HERE for 10 other ways you are positively impacting a man named “Hillside Bill” with your harmful social media activity.
4) Want to buy a NAC membership, but don’t know how to buy a NAC membership? Order a NAC membership from NAC, and other Pinterest lifehacks by clicking on this misleading hyperlink:
3) This year’s membership comes in Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet so it will fit your personal brand’s narrative strategy as well as your “ideas 4 my future house” board aesthetic. Maybe put the same amount of effort into your bank account, Ashlee.
2) That Betty Crocker train cake looks more like you evacuated your bowels on a plate. You can’t bring that to a children’s party, Ashlee. Get a NAC membership and maybe find some artistic talent!
1) Want a simple hack for getting a NAC membership and supporting a great organization without having to pay for it? Pin this for later then click on this link to see a monkey riding on a hotdog. There! Look at you! You’ve totally forgotten that Tim just broke up with you and you are two days deep into a life spiral. Progress. Thanks, NAC!

G E T  I N !