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Formerly The Grey Borders Reading Series
Thursday 19 March 2015 7:30PM at NAC

Book Launch + Reading
Alice in Plunderland by Steve McCaffery / collages by NAC Member Clelia Scala
Readings by Karen Mac Cormack and Steve McCaffery

It is March, and our borders have transcended into a new era! This event will be the first (official) event for the Border Blur Reading Series! Come on out and celebrate some genre breaking literature!

We will be celebrating the launch of Steve McCaffery’s new book “Alice in Plunderland,” published by the enigmatic BookThug!

About the book:
“It’s been 150 years since Alice first entered Wonderland in Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic book. My, how times have changed! Now, from the multi-award-winning poet and scholar Steve McCaffery comes Alice in Plunderland, a reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books that will forever change the way readers negotiate Wonderland and its menagerie of characters.”

Accompanying McCaffery’s plunderful reworking of the Alice story are Clelia Scala’s translated collages: translations of Victorian artist John Tenniel’s illustrations for the 1865 edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Steve McCaffery, poet, critic, editor, performance artist, member of the Four Horsemen sound poetry ensemble and a professor of English at York University, is the author of over a dozen influential books of poetry, twenty chapbooks and four volumes of critical writing. His works include CARNIVAL panels 1 and 2, Panopticon, The Black Debt, North of Intention and Rational Geomancy: Kids of the Book-Machine (with bpNichol). With Jed Rasula, McCaffery edited Imagining Language, an anthology for MIT Press. He lives in Buffalo.

We will also feature the wonderful poet Karen Mac Cormack! Karen Mac Cormack, born in Luanshya, Zambia, is a long-time resident of Toronto and holds dual British and Canadian citizenship. Mac Cormack has published seven books of poetry including Straw Cupid (1987), Quirks & Quillets (1991), Marine Show (1995), The Tongue Moves Talk (1997) and A Robin Hood Book (1996). Her most recent publication is Fit to Print (2003), a collaboration with poet Alan Halsey. This collaboration pursues meaning using the newspaper as a format, fusing an interest in mass culture and an innovative writing practice.