SMALL FEATS 2019 / Call to Artists

Call for submissions

It’s that time again.

Look it! Across the drifting snow, just beginning to distinguish itself on the horizon, it’s the weirdest art buying frenzy and spring hip-drop on the Peninsula!

SMALL FEATS is coming on!

This is a shout to all the artist members of NAC to bring it!

We looking for red-hot art works to sell-off in support of your friendly neighbourhood Artist-run Centre.

For the most part the same game plan is on the locker room chalkboard: we’ll be hucking sweet one foot by one foot works of art—SMALL FEATS! NAC will supply the materials, either a 12”x12” canvas or hard board. All will be sold for $200.

We’re also messing a little with the mix to make this cake bake up beautifully. NEW for 2019, we’re accepting printed works on paper. Pitch us a mock-up, sketch, whatever, and we’ll hand over the keys to NAC’s print studio so you can have the run of the place and start churning out some sweet little printed things (no larger than 12” x 12”) in an edition of 25. Each print will sell for $50. CHEAP! There are bunch of printing options serigraph, etching, lino, and wood block and Risograph!

Send an email to with ‘Hit Print’ in the subject line to get the immediate and particular lowdown.

Once again, we’ll cram the space with work in April, but only the best will be accepted.

As per usual, contributing artists choose to donate all or half the proceeds of their work to NAC.

Work on materials other than those supplied by NAC (canvas or Masonite board) such as photos, mixed-media, or works on paper will also be considered.

You must be a member in good standing to participate.

Let us know if you intend on making work by filling out the form (available HERE) and emailing it to by Friday 1 February before midnight. Small Feats takes place at NAC on Saturday 6 April. Save the date!


> Friday 1 February 2019 before midnight > Applications to emailed to
> Saturday 23 March 2019 12PM-4PM > Artwork to be dropped off at NAC
> Saturday 6 April 2019 7:40PM VIP / 8PM GENERAL > SMALL FEATS!

We will email you when the materials are available for pick up.


Call for Performers: Voix de Ville Extravagonzo

Call for Performers – Voix de Ville Extravagonzo
Calling on dancers, actors, acrobats, comedians, models and more!

Please apply by Friday 14 October at 5pm to attend Audition.

Production name: Voix de Ville Extravagonzo
Director in attendance: Deanna Jones
Deadline to submit: Friday 14 October, 5pm
Show dates: Friday 18 November 7pm, Saturday 19 November 7pm + 9:30pm
Audition Date: Sunday 16 October 12-3pm
Mandatory Fitting and Photo Date: Saturday 29 October, 11-4pm
Email applications to: (include “VdV 2016 Audition” in subject line)
Producing Company: Niagara Artists Centre (
Producing Partners: FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, Suitcase in Point

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement: Niagara Artists Centre is committed to inclusive casting. Artists of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

About Voix de Ville: Voix de Ville Extravagonzo has evolved out of the Niagara Artists Centre’s popular STRUTT Wearable Art Show, a long-running Niagara favourite. Voix de Ville is a show based on the storied traditions of vaudeville. It is an unrivalled mixture of extraordinary performative feats presented in equally exuberant proportions.

Audition Information: This will be a group audition. Time will be spent in groups to focus on ability to move, ability to pick up on blocking and timing quickly, and most importantly, your pleasure to perform. Your measurements will be taken. Details on location will be sent out to all confirmed applicants.

Please submit resume, bio and photo to by Friday October 14 at 5pm.
Rehearsal Dates: October 24 – November 18 (Schedule will vary for all performers cast).
Performance dates: November 18 + 19
Parts to be cast: Various roles, including chorus.




Downtown St. Catharines
Available 1 September 2016
Wednesday 31 August 5PM

NAC has a new storefront space on St. Paul Street to accommodate studios, screen-printing facilities, and retail space for selling art work! Interested? Contact us at

  1. How do I apply?
    Applications must include:
    – Ten digital images (jpegs) of your work (or appropriate documentation)
    – An artist statement no longer than 150 words
    – A resume or CV or your art related education and/or experience, if applicable. It should be no longer than two pages
  2. When are applications due?
    We begin our occupancy of the space on Thursday 1 September. Applications are due by Wednesday 24 August. Depending on availability, a second round of applications may follow in October.
  1. How much will the rent be?
    The rent for studio spaces will begin at $150/month. The rate is dependent on the size of the space you’d like and the number of artists renting. The spaces are common, meaning you will be sharing space in a room with two or three other artists. 
  1. How big are the studios?
    This depends on the number of artists occupying the space. Each space will be a minimum of 100 square feet and all spaces will have some natural light.
  2. Will I have WIFI access?
  1. What is the selections process?
    You apply by email (, by mail (NAC, 354 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3N2), or by dropping your application off in person on or before Wednesday 24 August.A selection committee comprised of NAC staff, board of directors, and members of NAC’s programming committee will review all the applications and inform all the candidates of the results on Saturday 27 August. The committee will use the same guidelines used to select work for the Members Gallery which can be found here:Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery. Accepted tenants will be informed of when they can move in, some time on or before Thursday 1 September.
  1. What percentage of sales will you take from the retail space?
    Much like NAC’s Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery, NAC will collect a 15% commission on sales in the retail space. This modest commission will be used to cover costs of maintenance and conducting transactions.
  1. Do you have to be a NAC Member to rent space?
    NAC will be accepting responsibility for the space and extending its liability insurance to the space so all renters must be NAC Members. An artist membership in NAC is $40 + HST. You can join NAC online here.
  1. Will the print studio be available to those who are not part of the collective space?
    The print facilities will be available at hourly and daily rental rates. These rates will be kept affordable and made available as soon as the print studio is up and running. We plan on being able to offer screen-printing (including photo-emulsion facilities) and impression printing with motorized etching presses.
  1. Who will be selling art work in the retail store at the new space?
    Only artists who are tenants in the space will be able to put their art and craft works for sale in the retail store. In time, NAC may open in up to artists-at-large. The tenants will be responsible for setting and maintaining the retail store’s hours.
  1. What hours will the studio be open?
    Studio tenants will have twenty-four hour access.
  1. What about craft arts?
    NAC is a contemporary visual art gallery, so our focus will be on making studio space for expression in the visual arts. However, we are planning to open a portion of the studio spaces to professional craft art-makers as well. The ratio will be 75% visual art and 25% craft.


Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund 2016


Travel Assistance for Professional Visual, Media, and Craft Artists
Deadline for Submissions: Friday 30September at 5PM

Regan Peacock Fung took tremendous joy in the world around her. Her courageous spirit, keen judgment and infectious laughter enriched the lives of those who knew her. Regan’s passing in September 2011, from Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, was a devastating loss.

Regan had a love of art since kindergarten, when her drawing was published in the children’s section of our newspaper. She pursued her interest in high school and then attended Concordia University, earning a degree in studio art and art history. She had a studio at home and spent her free time, when possible, painting large canvasses. When she became ill, it was her painting that gave her focus and solace. Her art hangs on the walls of family and friends, proof of its enduring importance. We cannot think of a better way to honour her life than through an endowment for Niagara Artists Centre.
– Claudia Peacock

The Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Fund has been established by Regan’s parents, Bob and Claudia, and brother, Erik, to honour her memory and two of the passions that enriched her life: art and travel. Money raised through the fund will provide assistance to professional visual, media and craft artists living in Niagara. Annually, an artist will be awarded $1000 toward their travel expenses artist in Canada or abroad to attend, or participate in, activities related to their work as an artist.

Past recipients:
2013 – Carrie Perreault (Artist-in-Residence [AIR], Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan)
2014 – Mori McCrae (Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Ireland)
2015 – Amy Friend (Havana, Cuba)

Download application requirements here:

Submit proposals to
Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund
c/o Niagara Artists Centre
354 St. Paul Street
St. Catharines ON L2R 3N2

What About Rodman Hall?

What About Rodman Hall?
Deadline for submissions:
Thursday 24 March at 5PM at NAC

As an art gallery, Rodman Hall’s place in the consciousness of our community has fluctuated over its fifty-five-year history. The art gallery has at times been a proud emblem of civic health and an indicator of our collective progress, while at other times it has been misunderstood and purposefully marginalized.

The history of the Niagara Artists Centre and Rodman Hall are intertwined. Rodman Hall’s founding curator and director, Peter Harris, was one of NAC’s founding sixteen members. NAC also made an early home in the Coach House on the grounds of Rodman.

The place of the Rodman Hall Art Centre in our community is once again the subject of deliberation. Brock University, which in 2003 pledged to be the sole operator of the art gallery for twenty years, is now reconsidering the terms of its supporting role.

Why is it that our community leaders have not always recognized the value of having a strong, well-resourced public or university art gallery like Rodman Hall?

NAC is interested in the ideas that the visual artists of Niagara would like to share about Rodman, an organization that is mandated to support the development of artists and cultural workers in southern Ontario, as well as providing art experiences that enrich peoples’ lives.

What is the role of a public gallery such as Rodman in a community like ours?

What will the future of Rodman Hall look like?

What should our community leaders recognize about the value of an art gallery such as Rodman Hall?

The Rodman Hall website includes a thorough history of the gallery. Artists are encouraged to visit the site. We’re also going to organize an opportunity for those interested to go over to Rodman and poke around, dig into the permanent collection, and that kind of thing.

Finished works will be accepted at NAC for consideration by the Programming Committee from Saturday 19 March until Thursday 24 March at 5PM.

Artists are also expected to submit an artist statement of no more than 250 words along with a short biography not exceeding 150 words.

The group exhibition, tentatively titled, What About Rodman Hall?, will open with a reception on Friday 1 April at 8PM in the Show Room Gallery at the Niagara Artists Centre, 354 St. Paul Street, downtown St. Catharines.

Artists with works accepted for exhibition will be paid at rates above those recommended by the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC).

Questions about the exhibit can be directed to Stephen Remus at the Niagara Artists Centre Please include What About Rodman Hall? in the subject line.

Small Feats 2016: Sign on by Friday 12 February 2016

small feats
Sign on by Friday 12 February
Deadline for Art Works is Saturday 2 April at 4pm
SMALL FEATS is Saturday 9 April 2016


Artist members of NAC, your Artist-run Centre needs you! We’re seeking remarkable art works from you created in the confines of a single square foot. We have lots of space, but only the best works will be accepted. We’ll line the walls of our Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery and sell them off for $200 each. Contributing artists choose to donate all or half the proceeds of their work to NAC.

NAC will supply some materials on request (canvas or masonite) but photographic, mixed-media, and works on paper will also be considered. You must be a member in good standing to participate.

Let us know if you intend on making work by filling out the form (above) and emailing it to by Friday 12 February at midnight.

Completed works get dropped off at NAC by Saturday 2 April at 4pm.

Need to renew or sign on?
You can swing by NAC and we’ll hook you up or stay home and do it online here