Body of Work / A Group Show

A Group Show

This show is an apparatus for conceptualizing ideas about the female body and gendered notions of femininity in social spaces. The work adds to the canon the manner in which female artists take ownership over their societal representation. The show will provide a multifaceted and multi-generational depiction of the “female” experience whilst playing with the absurdity that there is still so much missing from global conversations about the politics of femininity. The female body is the political subject at the centre of this exhibition, with bodily expression through the poetics of the visual. How is the body central to our experience? Are we our bodies or do we watch our bodies navigate social space? What is the mind/body divide in relation to a “female experience”? Can we even speak of an essential female experience?



June-Etta Chenard
Emma Lee Fleury
Judith Graham
Rose McCormick
Taylor Telford
Tracey Van Oosten
Amber Lee Williams


A Common Land Transformed : Magdolene Dykstra in the Plate Glass Gallery

A Common Land Transformed
Installation by Magdolene Dykstra
Plate Glass Gallery at NAC

A Common Land Transformed imagines an alien terrain, rich with unfamiliar life-forms billowing out of their containers. Inspired by microbiology, I use an aesthetic of cellular accumulation to reference the vast numbers of the human race, swarming beyond what is sustainable.
Like the Romantic paintings of the 19thcentury, this work taps into the wonder we experience in nature. The Romantics were inspired by the sublime power of the great things in nature – torrential storms, cavernous depths, and frightening heights – reminding the viewer of their diminutive status in relation to grand landscapes. I sight the sublime in microbial terrain. The abundance of this unseen universe parallels the unfathomable scale of humanity. The unfamiliar life in my work triggers a cautious curiosity, as it pushes beyond the boundaries provided for it invading our tense reality. Within this composition, each individual is absurdly insignificant except for its interconnectedness to everything around them. Gathered en masse, these lifeforms overwhelm the structure upon which they grow. Composed of raw clay, this landscape will not last. Impermanence enhances preciousness. The things that don’t last demand more careful attention.

Magdolene Dykstra is an Egyptian-Canadian artist-educator based in St. Catharines, Ontario. She uses raw clay sculptures and installations to meditate on the multiplicity of the human race. Her research includes sublime philosophy, Abstract Expressionism, environmental concerns, and an interest in secular Buddhism. Magdolene received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Magdolene thanks the Ontario Arts Council for their support.

period of adjustment / an exhibition by Carrie Perreault / Opening Reception Friday 10 May 2019 7PM

period of adjustment
an exhibition
by Carrie Perreault

NAC’s Show Room Gallery
Opening Reception Friday 10 May 2019 7PM-10PM
On display until Saturday 17 August 2019

Presented as part of NAC’s Homecoming Series.

Working primarily in sculpture and performance, Carrie Perreault balances resistance and restraint in onerous actions that recount long-term precarity. In making her work, she expends great effort to achieve minimal results. This isn’t about labour; she prioritizes process to reflect on systems of abuse and their connection to emotional and psychological experiences. Through gestural, often repetitive acts and narratives that resist closure, she alludes to complex trauma and its residual effects. By exploring, in a visceral way, failures, vulnerabilities, and the limits of her body, Perreault makes viewers keenly aware of their own.

Carrie Perreault is an artist based in Toronto and New York. Her work has been included in exhibitions and projects at Idea Exchange, Cambridge Galleries, curated by Iga Janik (2019); Deathnastics, as part of Gymsick, curated by Hazel Meyer and Lucy Pawlak, Toronto (2018); Hamilton Biennale (2017); Strange Beauty, Tangled Arts +Disability Festival, Toronto (2015); Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei (2014). Perreault has been awarded residencies at Open Studio (Toronto), The Banff Centre and Taipei Artist Village.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: There is an image at the top of the page. It is a close up photograph of a woman that’s cropped around her mouth. Her left hand is up against her lips and inside her slightly open mouth she is holding a dental flossing pick. The woman’s skin is white/ pink and the background is a soft blue.

This exhibition is partially accessible. There is ramp access at the entrance of the Niagara Artists Centre. The gallery is on the ground floor along with three non-gendered bathrooms, one of which is accessible. There will be an audio description of the exhibition available. If you have specific accommodation requests please get in touch with