Top Ten Surrealist Reasons to Sign on or Renew Today

Top Ten Surrealist Reasons
to Join NAC or Renew your membership today!

10) An airborne jello salad yields easily to the clown’s frantic machete

9) et dans ce cloche magnifique
que les mouches sortir la reine de feu
que l’origine enfeuillante enfantile enchanté
que les épaules vertes souffrir encore deux fois

8) An aged butler is standing alone on an ice-floe in the Arctic sea, dutifully holding a dead squirrel on a silver tray

7) Un nuage

6) Circus cannons are shooting overripe melons at a blank film screen

5) The mirror sort du matélas between fissured teeth et que les hiboux marchent

4) The unwanted fondue cookbooks at local yard-sales actually contain valuable tips for fending off a tornado with a rolling pin

3) The polarizing external traits of antennas lift you up to the edge of the previously inaccessible locks containing your dreams

2) Because you’d play outside more often if the potholes in your driveway weren’t brimming with blue barbicide;

1) A talon

June is membership month at your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre! We concentrate our appeal for membership renewals, and for new members to join, for the whole month of June.


  • Online here
  • In person at NAC: Wed – Fri 12NN-5PM or Sat 12NN-4PM
  • Give us a call at 905-641-0331
  • Or by mail – who doesn’t like getting mail?
    354 St. Paul Street
    St. Catharines, ON  L2R 3N2

An annual membership starts at a measly $45 includes HST. You could float this thing on a back porch bottle drive!


Gord Sisler
Reception Sat 30 June 2PM-4PM
Making paper by hand the long history of the blank slate or Tabula Rasa is questioned as stucture, form and order are revealed at every level of craft and material. Pressing inked letters into paper to print words an interface is created privileging foreground against background in the production of legibility. In 2017 I was fortunate to engage with Brock students in Professor Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas’ undergraduate History classes. FIGURE AND GROUND explores issues raised in these workshops using the medium of handmade printing and letterpress printing, asking “Why do we attend to the things to which we attend?”

SOUND+VISION Summer Rooftop Festival 2018

Doors 8:30PM / Show 9:00PM

Saturday 14 July
The Northern Arm + Euchrid

Saturday 21 July
Culture Reject + Minuscule

Saturday 11 August
Daniel Romano

Thursday 30 August
Bae Beach Club + Neighbouring

Friday 28 September
Strange Shakes + Fat Moth

Single Event Tickets $18 (inc. HST)
Available online (plus applicable service fees) or at the door

$AVE $OME CA$H with a $UMMER PA$$
Grab a SOUND+VISION FESTIVAL PASS for all five shows!

$80 ($16/show) General
$75 ($15/show) NAC Members

>> Can’t make one of the shows? No problem, pass yer pass to someone else!

Pass price includes HST
Passes available at the Niagara Artists Centre
905-641-0331 / 354 St. Paul Street

Top Ten SPAM Reasons to Become a NAC Member Today

Top Ten SPAM Reasons to Become a NAC Member Today

10) Become a NAC Arts Supporter or Benefactor Member Today and Grow Five Inches!

9) A series of meeting have been held over the past seven month with the Secretary General of the United Nation Organization. This ended three day ago. It is obvious that you have not renewed your NAC membership. A deposit to the tune of $850,000 is owed to you due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the Fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your Fund all in an attempt to swindle your Fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your Fund. Renew your NAC membership today to receive your Fund.

8) Open the door to relaxation. Entering our walk-in tubs are as easy as opening a door and stepping in. Reduce injuries with the ease of NAC membership.

7) Join NAC and find Swiss Replica Watches, Vuitton Bags, Jewelry, Phones, Shoes – Unbelievable Pricing! Watch shows your status! Girls love cool watch!

6) Forget exercises or other techniques, joining is the only thing that will really increase NAC Member size.

5) We lay aside letters never to read them again, and at last we destroy them out of discretion, and so disappears the most beautiful, the most immediate opportunity to join NAC.

4) I am Mr. Gerald Aherne, the Managing Director of Henderson Global Investors Limited, London, the World Largest Fund Management Company with over GBP 1.2 Trillion Capital Investment Fund. Nevertheless, as Finance Director of our firm, I handle all our Investor’s Direct Capital Funds and secretly extracts 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annual on each of the Investor’s Marginal Capital Fund. As an expert in Finance Control, I hereby am looking for a NAC Member in good standing to trust who will stand as an Investor to receive this profit.

3) Cialis 20mg x 90 Pills $155 + NAC Membership + Fast Shipping = 100% SATISFACTION! We accept VISA & Mastercard, Check, 90000 Satisfied US, UK, Customers!

2) Join NAC today and we guarantee you will never receive SPAM again!

1) Join the all new V*I*A*G*R*A – A*R*T*I*S*T*S – C*E*N*T*R*E today!

Top Ten PINTEREST Reasons to renew your membership today!

Top 10 reasons your Pinterest Board [that hates you]
wants you to become a NAC member

10) NAC memberships expire, like your bathmat woven from discount wine cork-composite™ glued end-to-end.
9) NAC memberships offer never-ending possibilities like the self-improvement posts you keep pinning during your Thursday cry.
8) NAC memberships offer no bad surprises, unlike the gender reveal party ideas you never asked for but I send you email alerts for anyway.

7) You’ve already pinned that picture of a baby goat. Whatever, don’t listen to me. Here, try this: the ins and outs of how to put a toddler inside a pumpkin and photograph it screeching like a bird of prey for a solid 40 mins. Hack: Buy a NAC membership and gain access to equipment to make this happen.
6) Your rustic pallet farmhouse dining platform with bonus Jeremy Irons would look great with a NAC membership on it if you could actually follow directions.
5) Unlike your NAC membership, this link for distressed recycled wood has a $500 price tag that is making you question your life choices, and CLICK HERE for 10 other ways you are positively impacting a man named “Hillside Bill” with your harmful social media activity.
4) Want to buy a NAC membership, but don’t know how to buy a NAC membership? Order a NAC membership from NAC, and other Pinterest lifehacks by clicking on this misleading hyperlink:
3) This year’s membership comes in Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet so it will fit your personal brand’s narrative strategy as well as your “ideas 4 my future house” board aesthetic. Maybe put the same amount of effort into your bank account, Ashlee.
2) That Betty Crocker train cake looks more like you evacuated your bowels on a plate. You can’t bring that to a children’s party, Ashlee. Get a NAC membership and maybe find some artistic talent!
1) Want a simple hack for getting a NAC membership and supporting a great organization without having to pay for it? Pin this for later then click on this link to see a monkey riding on a hotdog. There! Look at you! You’ve totally forgotten that Tim just broke up with you and you are two days deep into a life spiral. Progress. Thanks, NAC!

G E T  I N !

Top Ten AMERICAN FOLKLORE Reasons to Renew or Sign on a New Member


10) If loggers in the American Frontier with fragile masculinity need to invent a giant and an ox as symbols of American vitality and machismo, then the least you can do is cushion environmentally irresponsible men by supporting politically challenging artwork.
9) Many sighters in the Pacific Northwest describe the Sasquatch as having a dome-shaped skull and protruding eyebrow ridge. More fearfully, those same sighters describe NAC members as, “playing on our primal fears of prehistoric art-sector survivors.” A NAC membership should vastly increase population rates, according to W. Greenwald of The Wyoming Department of Health. 
8) A taxidermy American jackalope, caught in 1932 during a hunting trip involving Franklin D. Roosevelt, is visible for members only at the press of a button in the accessible washroom at NAC.
7) Davy Crockett, “King of the Wild Frontier,” lives in the last wild frontier—NAC’s basement. This is a historical fact verified in Crockett’s larger-than-life exploits popularized by several stage plays and almanacs. Don’t believe it? Buy a membership. 
6) The veracity of your NAC membership is not a determining factor for NAC lore, but it pays for NAC’s water bill.
5) We Shall Overcome, a spoken word folk album by American folk hero Bernie Sanders was recorded and released in 1987. “The world in which we live in today//is an extremely depressing place//it’s hard to deny that” chirps one poetic stanza — a favourite among the several that NAC members are required to recite daily! 
4) Like frontier America, NAC’s origin is often surrounded by legends and tall tales. Many stories have become part of our cultural awareness. These narratives may be true and may be false or may be a little true and a little false. Absolutely real though: Natasha’s heart grows six sizes every time you buy a membership. Her community adores this idiosyncrasy. Her cardiologist does not.  
3) The man known as Johnny Appleseed was a magical scatterer of apple seeds from sea to shining sea until NAC members called “Times Up.” NAC members make shit happen. 
2) The primary source of funding for artist-run centres is revenue from Johnny Appleseed pie sales. NAC members are in deep conflict about if they can enjoy a pie still. Contradiction is exciting for the psyche. Buy a membership!
1) On her deathbed, Annie Oakley “The Peerless Lady Wing-shot Little Sure Shot of the Wild West” was documented to breathlessly utter, “I regret that not buying a NAC membership interfered with my ability to have peers!” Half a second later Oakley hurled her departing soul off a crape-covered Victorian mirror, ricocheting it against the bedpost, through Aunt Lydia’s Bell sleeve and out a nearby open window. Aunt Lydia succumbed to her injuries on horseback six hours later. Everyone was impressed.

Top Ten FILM NOIR Reasons to Renew or Join Today!

Reasons to Renew or Join Today!

>> Renew HERE

10) Do you know that the world is a foul sty? Do you know that if you ripped the fronts off houses you’d find swine? The world is a hell. What does it matter what happens in it as long as you’re a NAC member.

9) Face to face with a painting we shuffle our feet and apologize. We say ‘I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.’ Well, why apologize? If knowing what you like is a good enough for picking out a wife or a husband, a pair of shoes or a new hat, what’s wrong with the same rules for art? That’s why you ought to join NAC, of all the gallery joints, they get that.

8) Almost everything is addition or subtraction. Everything else is just time killing conversation. How about you fork some cake over to NAC for a membership and we can stop flapping our lips about it.

7) For me it was cheap hotels, cheap restaurants, and cheap friends. That all changed when I signed on with the NAC outfit. I wouldn’t say it was a step up, or even a step in the right direction, but it made me move my feet.

6) Money. You know what that is? It’s the stuff you never have enough of. Little germ covered pieces of paper that people slave for, commit crimes for, die for. It’s the stuff that’s caused more trouble in the world than anything else. Do yourself a favour, kid, unload what you can of it on NAC and save yourself some heartache.

5) A gun or a knife, a nightstick or a razor, something the other guy ain’t got. Yeh, a little extra reach on a punch; a set of brass knuckles; a stripe on a sleeve; a badge that says cop. A nice sized rock in your hand. A big bankroll in your breast pocket.  A NAC membership card on our hip. That’s an edge pal. Without an edge you don’t want to be playing the game.

4) I want you to do something. I want you to get yourself out of bed, get down to NAC, walk right in there and renew your membership. Otherwise, you only got another day to live.

3) On a rainy night, the kinda night where you don’t know your friends but strangers look familiar, on a night like that, the smartest thing to do is renew your NAC membership.

2) With this NAC membership I can get away from you. From you and your chickens and your pies and your kitchens and everything that smells of grease. I can get away from this shack with its cheap furniture. And this town and its dollar days, and its women that wear uniforms and its men that wear overalls. Or maybe not. But I’ll at least know in my heart that I’m somebody, I’m a NAC member.

1) The gates only open three times: When you come in, when you’ve served your time, and when you become a NAC member.

Pop Goes the Mosaic

Pop Goes the Mosaic
Tony Cepukas

Sat 9 June 2018 > 3PM-5PM
On display until Friday 22 June 2018

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, I was exposed to a transformation of society and all the aspects to it.  Music, fashion and art exploded with colour and pyschedelia.  Being an avid music fan, pop art first came to my attention through album art,  rock magazines and movies.  Out west in California there was hippie movement and flower power going on  and out of it came  bands such as Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother and the Holdling Company.  With it came great album art and posters from such seminal  venues as The Fillmore West and The Avalon Ballroom.  Back east brewing in New York was a new underground, “The Velvet Underground and Nico”, an avant garde band being groomed by Andy Warhol.  I guess that was my first encounter with “Pop Art”, the decaying banana on their first album cover done by Andy.  Other artists like Lichtenstein were active from the fifties onward and also started to come into view via music and other media. Many of the images from this era have become iconic  images and pop art has become one of the most recognizable styles of modern art.  With “Pop Goes the Mosaic” I have tried to emulate and celebrate the zeitgeist of pop art from that era with my mosaic and multimedia creations.

Sprout + About / Emma Lee Fleury / Plate Glass Gallery Spring 2018

Emma Lee Fleury
NAC’s Plate Glass Gallery
In celebration of In the Soil Arts Festival YR 10

An installation made of recycled mediums and organic matter in response to the current state of Planet Earth. Emma’s installation works are the explorations of methods that can be used within sustainable art making intended to push the boundaries of what can be done with “things” considered omitted, extending the life and use of human inventions with creative interventions that invite all energies to connect.

Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from the Niagara Region. Her work revolves around perceptions of the earth, the sun, black holes – and beyond – the energies rendering us grounded, the environment, time in presence and in memory passing through in reactory waves of love, sound and recycled mixed-mediums. Her bands are Niagara’s Moonfox and GTA Collective Fat Moth.

LESSER GODS / Bevan Ramsay / Fri 11 May 2018

Bevan Ramsay

Show Room Gallery
Opening Reception Friday 11 May at 7PM
On display until Friday 3 August 2018

It is hardly surprising that in our society perceptions of homeless persons remain two-dimensional, stereotypical, inadequate. Even for the rare administration tackling the problems of homelessness in an effective, meaningful way, the homeless person’s humanity is buried beneath a mountain of endless statistical markers: mental illness, substance abuse, soup-kitchen attendance, etc. The enormous negativity lingering about the resultant profile permits scant room for other, arguably important accoutrements of the human experience—character, emotion, intellect, beauty, relationship to divinity—and leaves homeless persons basically where they already are: on the street, the objects of middle-class loathing or pity.

Struck by this depressing determinism, artist Bevan Ramsay set out to cast portrait busts of homeless persons (one woman, the others men), producing an edition in fine, white statuary Hydrocal plaster mounted on mahogany bases. These portraits, titled Lesser Gods, are objects of fine craftsmanship, skillfully rendered and strikingly beautiful, and they permit us to reconsider these folks not through the screen of stereotypes or statistics, but as individuals, complicating our urge to pity.

A Montrealer by upbringing, until recently Ramsay lived and worked out of New York, a city in which homelessness is closely contiguous with the city’s history and identity. In a certain irony, homeless people are statistically more likely to be native to New York than most New Yorkers. Yet, although they are more closely tied to place than the housed citizens (including Ramsay) of this intensely transplanted city, they are politically non-existent.

Accordingly, Ramsay spent many hours in conversation with his portrait subjects, getting to know them and letting them determine the course of the discussion. Most were open and forthcoming; only one remained demure. Biographical details were left out for privacy’s sake. Mindful of the need to respect person and character, and confronted by complex, daunting ethical issues, Ramsay did not rush to realize the project.

Baroque portraiture supplied Ramsay with an art-historical antecedent; with its emphasis on asymmetry, such portraiture yields greater charismatic possibilities than classical traditions. Rather than ideals or types, baroque portraiture insists on character, allowing the artist’s subjects to be “immortalized in high style,” as Ramsay explains.

We experience ourselves suddenly free to appreciate each subject’s facial expression and attitude, decisions on hair and beard grooming, or jacket style. And in Ramsay’s plaster, quite similar to porcelain, there is neither stench nor besmirchment—no abjection, no “street”—and we begin to understand what it is about homelessness that so terrifies the middle classes in the age of austerity. This guy—he could be you or me. Your son or my father. Our brother.

– Edwin Janzen