Attic Daddy + Charles J Hunk and the Trainwreck / Sat 23 Sept 2017

Attic Daddy & Charles J Hunk and the Trainwreck
Sat 23 Sept 2017
TCO Rooftop Terrace at NAC

Take a break from the streets and head up to the roof this Saturday for Attic Daddy and Charles J Hunk and the Trainwreck.

DOORS 8PM / SHOW 8:30PM-ish

$15 NAC Members / $20 Regular

Big thanks to our friends at Niagara Oast House Brewers, The Office, tap & grill, Rise Above, Mahtay Café & Lounge, and Long & McQuade – St. Catharines for their support of the Summer Rooftop Series!

Friends & Neighbours at Mahtay Cafe / Sat 9 Sept 2017

Zula Presents
Niagara Artists Centre

Fire Music from Norway

Mahtay Cafe
241 St. Paul St.
St. Catharines, ON

Saturday 9 September 2017

ANDRÉ ROLIGHETEN saxophones/clarinets
JON RUNE STRØM double bass

Described as energetic and melodic free jazz inspired by musicians like Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders and John Carter, Norway’s Friends & Neighbors create an authentic and acoustic atmosphere that refers back to the political roots of free jazz.
Through original and strong compositions, this has resulted in a band sound with strong identity, crystal clear presence and personality. 
Their second release Hymn for a Hungry Nation was received with 4 1/2 out of 5 stars in DownBeat Magazine. 



Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet / Fri 25 Aug 2017

Friday 25 August 2017

Doors at 8PM / Show at 8:30PM

TCO Rooftop Terrace at NAC

$15 NAC Members / $20 Regular
> or rooftop pass <

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet’s infectious surf-inflected instrumental pop songs will be instantly recognizable to anyone who watched “The Kids in the Hall.” Their song “Having an Average Weekend” was the theme to that late, great, Canadian sketch comedy show, and they also provided the little instrumental flourishes between skits.

The band formed in Toronto in 1984 and released their first seven-inch in 1985 (“Our Weapons Are Useless” b/w “Bennett Cerf” and “Having an Average Weekend”). Over the next five years, the band released seven more singles, which they collected on their first full-length, 1990’s Savvy Show Stoppers (Cargo). In 1991, they followed with Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham, also on Cargo, and in 1993, they released Sport Fishin’ – The Lure of the Bait, The Luck of the Hook (recorded by none other than Steve Albini).

The Ferns / 1914 on the TCO Terrace > Sat 12 Aug 2017

THE FERNS + 1914
Saturday 12 August
NAC’s TCO Rooftop Terrace
Doors at 8PM / Show 8:30PM

$15 NAC Members / $20 Regular
> or rooftop pass <

The Ferns
Not only are The Ferns dedicated to providing a highly entertaining and enthusiastic live musical set, they also strive to blur the line between a structured performance and structured chaos. For the past 6 months, The Ferns have been winning over audiences with their unique brand of outlandish jangle music and far-out live shows. With rapid-fire stage banter and ultra-tight/super catchy tunes, they guarantee a splendid time for all.

From Welland, Ont., 1914 enjoys the simplicity and energy of early rock ‘n’ roll and combines this with noisy remembrances of girl groups of the past. Writing and recording since 2010, 1914 has recently begun playing shows around southern Ontario and is currently in the studio finishing up a record to be released in 2017.

The Woodshed Orchestra and P-TBDO

The Woodshed Orchestra + PTBDO !!
Friday 4 August 2017
Doors at 8PM / Show at 8:30PM
$15 (NAC Members) / $20 (Regular)

The Woodshed Orchestra exists to bring love + happiness into this world.
Drummer p-tbdo exists to do the same!
What more could a band ask for in a special guest?
It’s a perfect match!

The Woodshed Orchestra loves to play St. Catharines.
The people of St. Catharines treat the Woodshed Orchestra so very kindly.
Drummer p-tbdo is full of loving-kindness.
Again, perfect match!

The Woodshed Orchestra is gonna play tunes that make your hips gyrate and your shoulders pulsate. Drummer p-tbdo is gonna get deep into the groove so everybody on the NAC rooftop starts to move.

I think you could say it’s a perfect match!


The Summer Rooftop Series is supported by Niagara Oast House BrewersRise AboveThe Office, tap & grill,  Mahtay Café & Lounge, and Long & McQuade – St. Catharines.


Saturday 29 July 8PM

The Summer Rooftop Series is generously supported by our amazing friends at Mahtay Café & LoungeThe Office, tap & grillNiagara Oast House BrewersRise Above, and Long & McQuade – St. Catharines

$20 or $15 for NAC Members


Buy a Rooftop Summer Pass $100 (inc HST) for all eight spectacular rooftop shows this summer. Worried you won’t make all the shows? No problem. Pass your pass on to someone else!


B.A. Johnston is a highly spirited musician hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. His songs are unabashedly honest, uniquely quirky and cover controversial topics such as: deep frying, pirates, poutine, video games and love.

He has released five albums and has spent the last eight years touring the country in his mother’s Toyota Previa minivan, providing Canadians with a truly wild performance. He has shared the stage with acts like The Rheostatics, The Constantines, Cuff the Duke, The Silverhearts, The Guthries, and Joel Plaskett.

He has played such high profile schmooze fests like Halifax Pop Explosion, SappyFest (Sackville), Close to the Coast (Charlottetown), and Ranchfest (Vancouver).

He hopes one day to be rich and famous, buy a deep fryer for his bedroom, and finally dance with a girl when Stairway to Heaven is the last song of the night.

A shark throttles your skull : its teeth slide in between the fissures in your scalp : the scent of fresh ‘za : the sight of fresh guts : {PiZZA ViSiON}

Pizza Sharks have been writing music and playing shows for the past year, in which time they have had three releases, including two EPs and a single, and have produced a short film to go with their “Dart Distributor” release. Pizza Sharks draws on a wide canon of music and art as an influence to create their own unique and uncategorical sound.

“They will melt your face. They will damage your hearing. They will probably cause some bleeding. Pizza Sharks are alt-shoegaze from St. Catharines. They SLAY.” – Zoe Smith

Palooka / DRFTR : Fri 14 July 2017



$20 or $15 for NAC Members

Buy a Rooftop Summer Pass $100 (inc HST) for all eight spectacular rooftop shows this summer.
Can’t make a show? Pass your pass on to someone else!


Palooka is back! After an 8-year hiatus as a band, Eron, Jay and Joe are back and want to RAWK THE ROOF…. HARD. Palooka is Joe Lapinski (The Woodshed Orchestra, The Joe Lapinski Band, Bronx Cheerleader), Jay Peters (The Silver Hearts, Magna Cum Loud) and Eron Stroud (Bronx Cheerleader, Rose Garland). Formed in 1999 and based in St. Catharines, Palooka won the hearts of indie, prog, funk and jam band fans right off the bat, making the then-newly opened Merchant Ale House their home away from home. Their music can be described as “progressive-indie Can-RAWK”.

>> If Pavement, Rheostatics, Thin Lizzy and Rush were approved to adopt a Canadian trio rock outfit together, it would be Palooka.


DRFTR is the brain child of Oscar AS. Writing about love lost and the dirty bits inbetween, DRFTR blends soul & folk, and hints elements of pop. Upon completion of his first ever release “DRFTR”, Oscar has spent the better part of the last two years playing around the Niagara region playing with many notable artists such as: Knife the wolf, Abigail Lapell, Stereo Sunrise, Claire Coupland, Majora, Flat Rock, Ed Sawyers and many more canadian DIY artists.

>> DRFTR is a kick in the ass and a horrible philosophy


street / sidewalk / rooftop party: Fri 30 June 2017

6PM – 12MN

We’re wrapping up Membership Month this Friday and we’re throwing a party to get you down here to renew / sign on!

The whole neighbourhood’s getting together on Canada150 Eve: Liberty! Bicycles, Bansaree Restaurant, Out of the Past St.Catharines, Blackbeards Barber Shop, NAC Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace, and NAC’s new Studio/Shop are all part of the action.


6:00PM: Finger food (The Office and Bansaree) + Street hockey + WOOF Sale at Out of the Past [say WOOF and get 20% off] + DJ Mo-Tang spinning on Bond Street

7:00PM: Dan Pacquin of Blackbeard’s Barbershop serves roast pork on Bond Street

7:30PM: Ice cream and gelato at NAC’s opening of our new Studio/Shop at 433 St. Paul Street

8:00PM: DJ Markino on Bond Street + Cycling Science book signing with Dr Stephen Cheung at Liberty!

8:00PM: Doors open for DJ JFM’s elevator up dance party on NAC’s Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace [$5 to get in]

9:00PM: Screening of Marinoni with post-film Q&A with filmmaker Tony Girardin at Liberty!


s u m m e r   p a s s

$88.50 +HST = $100 / Includes entry into all eight shows

The rooftop terrace has a limited capacity, so please call ahead to reserve your spot. Otherwise entry is first come first served.

can’t make a show?
Pass your pass to someone else!

i n d i v i d u a l   t i c k e t s
$20 or $15 NAC members (all prices include HST)


l i n e   u p
Doors open at 8PM for all shows

Friday 30 June

Dance Party > JFM

Friday 14 July
Palooka + Bronx Cheerleader

Saturday 29 July
BA Johnston + Pizza Sharks

Friday 4 August
The Woodshed Orchestrap-tbdo of nola

Saturday 12 August
1914 + Ferns

Friday 25 August
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Friday 15 September
Strange Shakes + Planet Creatures

Saturday 23 September
Attic Daddy + Charles Hunk


++ line up subject to change / rain dates / location change ++

DKV Trio / Sound Sound / Adam Vollick > Fri 16 June 2017


Visuals by Adam CK Vollick

Friday 16 June 2017

Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace at NAC

Doors at 8:30PM / Show at 9PM
$17 (includes HST) / Advance tickets available at NAC


DKV Trio (Chicago)

The DKV Trio is one of the most exciting ensembles working in contemporary improvised music. Featuring Hamid Drake (drums), Kent Kessler (bass), and Ken Vandermark, the band has been active since the mid 1990s and has released eleven recordings, including their most recent album, which came out in the autumn of 2016: Collider (that features the trio paired with the Scandinavian group, The Thing).

Their 2014 five CD box set, Sound in Motion in Sound, was reviewed by the Free Jazz Collective as follows, “They are tighter, more explosive, and ingenious than ever. Imagine every DKV Trio’s signature element coming together in a remarkably dazzling, fiery display of musical prowess. There’s an almost palpable quality to the way that the musicians meld their ideas and approaches together. There’s groove propelled by Drake’s funky, loose drumming, there’s melody in the bass lines, there’s dissonance and conflict in Vandermark’s fluid, mercurial playing.

This is a great recording by an unmistakable, intense group of musicians with a sound and feeling of their own. That much is clear now. I would even dare to call this album their best to date. Inspired, full of energy, harmonically, rhythmically, and even melodically rich, capable of wonderfully recreating the joy of listening to DKV Trio live.” 5 stars

2017 promises to be an exceptional year for the band: they will be releasing a new album on the label Not Two, have concerts scheduled in Canada during June, and will tour in Europe with Joe McPhee as a guest for the first time in their career.



SOUND SOUND is an improvised music series created and run by St. Catharines based musicians Jeff Luciani and Joe Lapinski. It aims at bringing together local and non-local musicians and artists in the spontaneous creation of sound. Both random and thematic inspirations are used to propagate a unique experience for both musician and audience member. In other words, everyone in the room can participate! SOUND SOUND currently has a monthly residency at Mahtay Cafe in lovely downtown St. Catharines.


Adam CK Vollick (Niagara)
I am a Niagara native who grew up close to the breeze of Lake Erie. My early love of Photography and Light has allowed me to hone unconventional methods in many different disciplines with some of my heros. I am currently working on several film projects for Neil Young; I am co-producing a short film with Daryl Hannah; and recently my work can be seen in the Timberlake/Demme film that premiered at TIFF 2016 and is now streaming on Netflix. As well, I continue to be a Daniel Lanois film collaborator for over a decade. My works both still and moving pictures are internationally collected and appear on stages and in theaters across the globe. Niagara is where I return to meditate, and find peace in my own life while preparing for the next sojourn.