Tammy Jane Lepp

Best known for her otherworldly fibre art installations and wearable art creations that step well past the border of imaginative and dive straight into the realm of bizarre.

Dave Legge

Teetering on the fulcrum of minimalism and intellectual purity to craft experiences both online and in real life.

Ashley St. Pierre

In recent years, St Pierre has been focusing on a theme she calls The Space Between, which may be thought of as a complex study of the breath or space between visual notes.

Justin Pawson

Pawson’s work explores the vast landscape of myths, legends, theologies and spiritual traditions that have been manufactured by our cultural collective.

Katie Mazi

Mazi’s installation work immerses viewers into subversive domestic environments, while her photos illustrate vivid and deceptive scenes.

Matt Caldwell

I’m focused on deception, how texture and colour are referential in abstraction.

Bruce Thompson

I create images through a series of processes involving chance, observation, and intention that lead to new visual spaces.

Lindsay LeBlanc

At my core I am a storyteller, and my videos are pieced together from clips of my life to become enchanted documentaries.

Simone Rauscher

I am a multimedia artist that works primarily with textiles; specifically large-scale fabric painting, piece work, and embroidery.

Amber Lee Williams

Drawing from a wealth of real life experiences and hard-earned lessons, her work explores themes of identity, family relationships, birth, death, and chance.