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Jon Shaw
On display from 9 Aug –  8 Nov 2011
Reception Sat 10 Sept at 8pm

Jon Shaw’s animation documents a keen interest in technical and critical experimentation. His work combines a variety of media through self-taught animation techniques. As a traditionally trained painter, drawer and sculptor, Jon does not classify himself as an animator or filmmaker in the conventional sense. He views his animated work as an extension of other branches of artistic production, preferring to categorize them as “animated drawings” rather than “films” or “videos”.

Jon’s animations often focus around the theme of technology and its role in a contemporary world. Drip, alternatively, is a more concise experiment. Containing neither a beginning nor an end, the work focuses on the interaction of different drawing styles. The work’s essence is contained within the reciprocal nature of the moment – it invites the viewer to stop, look, relax and enjoy the serene simplicity.