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Saturday 21 March 4PM at The Film House

Canada, 2019. Directed by Almerinda Travassos. 38 min. NR 

This project chronicles the expansion of the Toronto Lesbian and LGBTQ communities over the past 35 years through the voices of some of the original 300 participants/organizers.

Canada, 2019. Directed by Jesi Jordan. 10 min. NR

Farah is considered to be the mother of the transgender community in Havana, Cuba. Having lived a tremendous life full of adventure and heartbreak, and losing all of her teeth after being thrown off a 4th story building, she carries on in her 50s as the most popular and well loved woman in the neighbourhood. Previously named Lulu, then revived at the morgue and reborn as Farah, her existence alone is a miracle.

Presented by OPIRG Brock, Brock Student Justice Centre, and Niagara Artists Centre.