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Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming
Saturday  30 June – Friday 31 August
Reception Saturday 30 June 7pm

The Niagara Artists Centre presents Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming’s Eternity, a time based installation in the Plate Glass Gallery.

Eternity consists of 30 electric clocks rear-mounted to a large sheet of white acrylic. During installation, the black hour and minute hands of the clocks are aligned to spell the word ‘eternity’, and the clocks are plugged in to a series of power strips on the floor. The hands begin to move when the switch on the last power strip is flipped, and the word almost immediately becomes a jumble of moving black lines. ‘Eternity’ does not reappear until the hour hands return to their original positions twelve hours later. And even then, it lasts a mere split second.

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