Culture Reject with Dylin North


Fri 20 Sept 2019 11PM / Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
$10 = tickets on sale here

Culture Reject

St. Catharines’ Michael O’Connell has been playing gorgeously off-kilter pop songs for a nice long while. Now boasting female vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Karri North (of Fenwick) & Carlie Howell – not to mention the beautiful, acclaimed new Forces EP – Culture Reject is set to be more glorious than ever. Aside from touring, O’Connell spends time engineering and producing tracks in the recording studio of Sketch: the working arts for street-involved and homeless youth, creating beats and opportunities for at-risk youth in Toronto is a transformative process for both the youth and himself.

Dylin North

Dylin is a visual artist who creates magical light effects to pair with music, often working to create interactive experiences where the audience can influence the scene. Outside of these staged spectaculars, he has shown at Division Gallery and XPACE in Toronto, and participated in events such as In The Soil arts festival and the Pelham Arts Festival, among others.


Sat 07 December
12:00 pm

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery