Fly Pan Am + The Northern Arm

Fly Pan Am

Fly Pan Am formed in Montreal in 1996 and played their earliest shows with many of the city’s emerging instrumental and experimental rock groups (including ExhaustGodspeed You! Black Emperor and The Shalabi Effect) in various alternate venues and extra-official warehouses during the late ’90s. The band’s four founding members worked through four Constellation release from 1998-2004 and went on hiatus in 2005. They are Roger Tellier-Craig (guitars, tapes, electronics, vocals); Jonathan Parant (guitars, tapes, electronics, vocals); J.S. Truchy (bass, tapes, electronics, vocals) and Félix Morel (drums, tapes). Eric Gingras (guitars, organs, percussion) joined the group in 2002.

The band’s first release was a split 7″ with Godspeed, issued by local zine aMAZEzine in 1998. They began recording their first full-length later that year, released as a self-titled CD and 2xLP by Constellation in 1999. As Montreal’s rock instrumentalists began to cross-pollinate and collaborate during this period, Fly Pan Am teamed up with sound artist Alexandre St-Onge; they premiered their first joint piece at Constellation’s Musique Fragile concert series in 1998 and went on to record it for their first album. St-Onge remained a regular guest on their earlier output, appearing on various tracks throughout the band’s recorded work.

The Northern Arm

This is an instrumental collective started in Toronto, 2004. Assembled at various outdoor locations to compose and record over time. Became more ambient, dreamy, huge sound, multiple drummers, guitars, violin. The music is emphasized by visuals, video projections, 16 mm film, art installations. This is music at home in a gallery.

Visuals by Del Stephen

Del Stephen is an exploratory artist whose relentless and multi-faceted creative output includes music, sound art, poetry, and handmade collage. While his ambitious ‘all-over-map’ approach does not lend easily to specific genres or suggested audience expectations, it is his constant ‘work-in-progress’ mentality that continues to yield unique results in various settings. This date at the NAC looks to be no exception, as Del Stephen takes his collages into the digital realm for a live and experimental visual accompaniment to the music of Fly Pan Am.

Thu 09 July
8:30 pm

TCO Rooftop Terrace