Jennifer Castle with Permanent Vacation


Fri 20 Sept 2019 9PM / TCO Rooftop Terrace at NAC
$20 = tickets on sale here

Jennifer Castle

“Angels of Death” is the fifth full-length album by Ontario songwriter Jennifer Castle—her second for Idée Fixe (Canada) and first for Paradise of Bachelors (USA and the rest of the world).

A sublime meditation on mortality and memory, ghosts and grief, “Angels of Death” casts a series of spells against forgetting and finality, in the form of mystic-minimalist country-soul torch songs about writing, time travel, and spectral visitations. Castle wrote and recorded this breathtaking follow-up to the acclaimed “Pink City” (2014) in a 19th century church near the shores of Lake Erie, where her family also lived and experienced a constellation of losses that inhabit these bruised musings.

Permanent Vacation

This collective, which includes artists Katie Mazi, Jenn Judson, Matt Caldwell, Ben Mosher, and Alex Muresan, were all Studio Art majors at Brock who first worked together to restructure the Brock Art Club into the current Brock Art Collective. The name Permanent Vacation stems from the idea that you don’t need to ‘vacate’ an area to find work and fulfilment. The collective’s goal is to create working space for emerging Niagara-based makers in a way that promotes seeing home anew. The group, made up of Brock alumni, recently presented its second exhibition at the VISA Gallery, All Expenses Paid. Permanent Vacation is, “as much of a challenge as it is a slogan, encouraging the artists to dedicate their everyday lives to entertaining their wildest ambitions.”

Thu 09 July
8:30 pm

TCO Rooftop Terrace