Laurie Brown’s Pondercast + Juini Booth


Sat 21 Sept 2019 8PM / TCO Rooftop Terrace
$20 = tickets on sale here

w/ visuals by Co-Efficient of Drag


Playing professionally since age 16, Juini Booth has expanded the range of the contrabass into a refined personal language of intense acoustic awareness and spatiality of sound. Firmly rooted in the forefront of the American jazz tradition, which he has helped to shape, Booth’s music also integrates influences from world music, emerging beyond the boundaries of categories to express the poetics of universal humanness. His compositions reflect a masterful use of simple melodic themes developed through unexpected harmonies, unusual tonal qualities and time relationships, inviting the listener to a new level of musical perception. Booth has performed, recorded and toured for over 40 years with jazz musicians from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers to Tony Williams Lifetime, including many others like Albert Ayler, Betty Carter, Coleman Hawkins, Chuck Mangione, Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, and Randy Weston.


+ Joe Lapinski + Alex Ring
w/ visuals by Adam CK Vollick

Laurie Brown

What 10 years of hosting late-night radio taught me about music, you and the night

Laurie Brown is a passionate advocate for the arts and artists in Canada. She has built a reputation as an accomplished interviewer and seasoned broadcaster by bringing out the best in Canadian artists. Laurie hosted The Signal on CBC Radio 2 for the last 10 years, a much loved late-night music program. Now, she hosts her own podcast called Pondercast.

– W I T H –

Joe Lapinski is an interdisciplinary artist who has been performing, writing, and producing music in St.Catharines Ontario Canada for the past 13 years. He performs actively as a solo artist, as well as a member of The Woodshed Orchestra, and Bronx Cheerleader. He is the founder of Yummy Recordings, runs Midtown Studios, and is a co-founder of the In the Soil Arts Festival, based in St. Catharines

Alex Ring has been involved in many projects in the Niagara region, including several In the Soil performances. These include bluegrass band The Highwire String Band, noise rockers Frontwards, and his own sound installations. This performance will blend his interest in minimal sound sources (oscillators) and improvised music.

Adam CK Vollick: “I am a Niagara native who grew up close to the breeze of Lake Erie. My early love of Photography and Light has allowed me to hone unconventional methods in many different disciplines with some of my heroes. I am currently working on several film projects for Neil Young; I am co-producing a short film with Daryl Hannah; and recently my work can be seen in the Timberlake/Demme film that premiered at TIFF 2016 and is now streaming on Netflix. As well, I continue to be a Daniel Lanois film collaborator for over a decade. My works both still and moving pictures are internationally collected and appear on stages and in theatres across the globe. Niagara is where I return to meditate and find peace in my own life while preparing for the next sojourn.”

Thu 09 July
8:30 pm

TCO Rooftop Terrace