Minuscule with Tracy VanOosten


Sat 21 Sept 2019 7PM / Silver Spire Church
$10 = tickets on sale here


Minuscule is a musical outpouring of inner voices. Niagara-based artist Laurel Minnes has been making a name for herself through involvement in such projects as Majora, Whitney Pea, DRFTR, Vile Creature, The Joe Lapinski Band, Hulley and more. Minuscule is her way of now striking it out on her own – though a choir and band of 13 others are hardly alone. All parts are composed, arranged and conducted by Minnes, and focus on the inner conversations and battles we have with ourselves. It is a musical journal that offers brutal honesty with no barriers, set to wide-spanning genres – from hip-hop to classical choral arrangements.



Tracy VanOosten

Tracy VanOosten received her MFA from Concordia University. She is an artist and filmmaker working with text, video, installation and the internet. Using the moving-image within immersive contexts her research focus is the affective relationship between bodies and mediums, both as conduits and networks, embodied and entangled, hosting the currents and maelstroms of feeling. Tracy’s work has been exhibited nationally and screened at festivals internationally.



Thu 09 July
8:30 pm

Silver Spire Church