Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet with Kasia Smuga


Thurs 19 Sept 2019 9PM / TCO ROOFTOP TERRACE
$20 = tickets on sale here

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet’s infectious surf-inflected instrumental pop songs will be instantly recognizable to anyone who watched “The Kids in the Hall.” Their song “Having an Average Weekend” was the theme to that late, great, Canadian sketch comedy show, and they also provided the little instrumental flourishes between skits.

The band formed in Toronto in 1984 and released their first seven-inch in 1985 (“Our Weapons Are Useless” b/w “Bennett Cerf” and “Having an Average Weekend”). Over the next five years, the band released seven more singles, which they collected on their first full-length, 1990’s Savvy Show Stoppers (Cargo). In 1991, they followed with Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham, also on Cargo, and in 1993, they released Sport Fishin’ – The Lure of the Bait, The Luck of the Hook (recorded by none other than Steve Albini).

Kasia Smuga

Kasia Smuga is a visual artist predominantly working with video and installation art. She has facilitated large projects for Nuit Blanche, and is a return contributor to Sound and Vision Fest. Kasia is currently the film programmer at the Film House. Her projections are vivid and multi-faceted, dealing with subject matter such as transformation, becoming, and organic processes. Kasia has an abiding interest in utilizing archival footage to form visual collages.


Sat 07 December
12:00 pm

TCO Rooftop Terrace