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* Please note, there is a 15% buyer’s premium on all items purchased at live auction, silent auction, or through the online auction.

the live auction

Pre-register by calling NAC at 905-641-0331 between 12NN and 7PM on Fri 12 Aug.

On site registration begins at 2:30PM on Saturday. You will be required to provide your name, phone number, address, credit card information. Each registered bidder is given a numbered paddle for bidding. There is a limited number of paddles (300) so bidders are asked to register one paddle per couple or arrange to bid with others.

How does the live auction work?
A brief description of the item for sale will be offered before the bidding starts. Professional auctioneer Carm Notarianni will lead the bidding. Bidders indicate their bids by raising their numbered paddles. The process ends when there are no more bids. The buyer making the highest bid gets the item. The highest bidder will then receive a chit with the auction item number. The buyer takes ownership of the item after they produce the chit and pay the winning bid price at the auction clerk’s table. Buyers may pay immediately or accumulate their winning chits and pay for multiple items. No purchased items are to be left at NAC after the event’s conclusion at 11PM. NAC will not be providing any wrapping or packaging for items purchased. Bidders are encouraged to come prepared. 

Can’t make it to the event? Get a Proxy!
Proxy bidding allows those who cannot come to the auction in person to be able to bid. Simply advise NAC’s auction team as to what item you’d like to bid on and your maximum bid by Friday at 7PM. During the live auction a member of NAC’s krewe will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid amount. If the bidding exceeds your maximum, your proxy bid ends. You will be required to register with us in advance by providing us with your contact info and credit card information. Please call NAC during gallery hours (12NN-5PM) or from 12NN-7PM Friday 12 August at 905-641-0331 to register for proxy bidding.

other ways items are being sold

The quantity of work in Nick’s collection necessitates that items be sold several ways other than exclusively as live auction items. It would simply take too long to auction all of the items live. NAC will also be auctioning items through silent auction and online. As well, we’ll be selling some items with ticketed prices.

Silent Auction
There are items on silent auction at NAC. These items are clearly identified and on display in the galleries at NAC. Attendees must have registered to bid on these items. Bids are made in writing on bidding sheets that indicate the starting bid, the increments of how bidding progresses, and the time the silent auction item closes. The highest bid wins the item. All silent auction items will close during the event on Saturday 13th August. There is no proxy bidding for silent auction items, though bidders who cannot attend may arrange to have others who are registered bid on their behalf. No purchased items are to be left at NAC at the auction’s conclusion. NAC will not be providing any wrapping or packaging for live auction items  that are purchased. Bidders are encouraged to come prepared. 

Online Auction
There are many items being auctioned online. Online bidders must register on the site. Online items have staggered closing times during the week. Please check the closing time for the individual item you are interested in. Items must  be picked up at NAC on Sunday 21 August or Monday 22 August from 12 noon until 6PM. NAC will ship items won through the online auction, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.