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Friday 23 August 8PM
Ten bucks to get in

Thomas Craig Oliver Rooftop Terrace at NAC


L = 50

It was the summer of 1969.

Mark Clifford was in a band called THE STROLLING SENTRY. Mike Dixon was in a band called THE HUE AND CRY.
Dave Petrie was the drummer in THE STROLLING SENTRY. His brother Gord was HUE AND CRY’s guitarist. Both bands rehearsed in the Petrie family basement.

With the Petrie family on vacation in Europe in the summer of 69 THE STROLLING SENTRY needed a substitute drummer for a gig at a hair salon across from the Six Pence on Carlise Street.

The Hair Salon was owned by Kevin Ridge, a brother of the other guitarist in THE STROLLING SENTRY.

Mike Dixon got the gig because he could play Purple Haze, a song on THE STROLLING SENTRY set list.

A spark ignited at that first gig. The next two years they began working up some ‘muse’ with new friend Steve Doede. They called the band MOTION.

A foray into the oblivion of improvisations and the music of the day began at that gig in 1969 and it’s carried on for 50 years (Roman numeral: L).

With the L-Show on the Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace at NAC, Mike and Mark plan on playing in a transparent and vulnerable way. They have prepared and charted skeletal forms, confident in 50 plus years of experience in their quest for the muse within a moment in time

Joining us, occasionally, will be percussionist/poet/digeridoo player Mike Corrigan and technician/recording engineer/bassist Gerry Hotson.

Mike and Mark are grateful that these friends that they share so much history with will be joining them on their continued search for the ‘muse’.

‘L’ also stands for LONGEVITY. We trust the hand signal shall become a new and positive gesture.

Mike and Mark are grateful to NAC for support and encouragement from the get-go.

Much love and musing and ‘L’ to all.
Marco  (Mark Clifford)