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Letterpress one-oh-one
Sunday 4 August 2013, from 10AM until 4PM (Civic Holiday Weekend)
Participants will be limited to six, first-come-first-served
Cost: $65, includes lunch!

This is a hands-on workshop that explores the fundamentals of letterpress printing. Participants will learn the history, the terminology, and the process of letterpress printing. They will gain a working knowledge of letterpress printing by hand-setting type, locking it up, manually operating a pilot letterpress, and printing with rubber-based inks.

The workshop will be lead by Robert Jackson, former printer at the historic Mackenzie House in Toronto.

To register email with something like, “sign me up for 101” in the body of the message. Fees will be collected in cash, by cheque, debit, or credit card transaction the morning of the workshop.