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Mori McCrae’s
Visual Poetry from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre

21 Nov – 4 Dec 2015

Recently I attended the Tyrone Guthrie Center in Ireland.  The house and grounds were part of the estate of Sir Tyrone Guthrie, generously bequeathed to the state upon his death in 1970. His vision was to provide a haven for artists to develop.

While researching the centre I became aware that the residency had a posh reputation. However, when I returned from my stay three weeks later to my home in St. Catharines, I had formed my own ideas.  The paring down of the basic daily acts of working, eating, exercise and sleeping, under the watchful care of the centre’s unobtrusive staff, left me with the impression of residing at a “benign asylum,” in the very best sense of both words.

Please join me throughout the duration of the exhibit, where along with visual works, I will install enlarged versions of the poetry I wrote while at this residency on the walls of the Niagara Artist Centre in an attempt to bring this benign asylum here to St. Catharines.

Wed –Fri 10-5
Sat 12-4

Lunch box lunch 12-1
Join me!

to get some cake (chocolate)
it’s a luxury to be here
like a slug in the rain

  -excerpt from “The New Lords” by Mori McCrae


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