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Bartending Guide

We’ve gotta handful of submissions already, but we’d like a good-sized, handsome compendium of drink and snack recipes before we publish this first–and likely only–NAC Bartending Guide just in time for Xmas booze-ups. The guide will be assembled and designed in the spirit of the Women’s Institute recipe books that litter used bookstores; you know the kind, spiral binding, recipes for muffins.

Each NAC member will be credited for their submitted recipe. The joy of this exercise is really in the naming of the drinks. Who wouldn’t want to try Trotsky’s Ice Pick or a Jurgen Gothe. Anecdotes about the origins of the drinks are not necessary but they sure are encouraged. We’re also looking for some bar guide doodles to scatter throughout. We can’t guaratnee any $ for the artists (there’s absolutely nothing but glory for recipe contributors) but we promise to share whatever proceeds from sales of the book with contributing artists. How’s that for a get poor quick scheme?

Email your recipes to with NAC Member Bartending Guide in the subject line.