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The NAC film Club is kicking-off again. The first series of films we put on in 2012 was real mishmash of stuff. We’ve tried to draw this next series together with some semblance of a motive. We won’t fool many, it’s a still a hodgepodge of titles, but you can recognize that they’ve all got something to do with music, and mostly rock ‘n’ roll. (What can we say? We program what we like.) Download the schedule HERE.

To see these films NAC members need to join our film club. Film club dues renew with each series. This series costs $40. Relax! It’s a deal. Here’s what you get:

  •   You’ll see over a dozen obscure and rarely seen short films
  •   You’ll see eight hard to find feature films (some unreleased)
  •   You’ll see these films in the rare environment of a large screen and in the company of others
  •   You’ll see the best quality digital prints we can find and they’ll be screened in HD
  •   Most screenings include a brief introduction by a NAC member fluent with the film or its subject
  •   Journey Through the Past (Tuesday 19 March) will include selected material from the Neil Young Archives Volume 1 and will be moderated by an admitted Young fanatic, NAC member Sean Condon
  •   At NAC you can watch films and drink wine (no kidding).
  •   The popcorn – made in our genuine vintage movie theatre popcorn terrarium – is FREE!

If you’re interested in joining email with “MOVIE CLUB” or “STEVE, DON’T IGNORE THIS” in the subject line and we’ll sign you up.



Stephen Remus
Minister of Energy, Minds, and Resources