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Saturday 20 June 2015 at NAC

This is the short story:

The NSB was formed in 1965 by a group of people who enjoyed music and wanted to play in a band. There was no desire to learn to play traditional instruments so kazoos were bought and assorted noise makers modified or built from scratch. The band started playing regularly every Monday night in 1966 and has just carried on .The personal has stayed the same. John Boyle (artist) kazoo and drums,  John Clement (MD) guitar and drums, Bill Exley (geezer/latinist) vocals, Murray Favro (artist) guitar, and Art Pratten (pensioner/gentleman of leisure) Pratt-a-various and Waterpipe and Aya Ohnishi (permanent guest artist) kazoo and drums.

Greg Curnoe (artist) kazoo and drums (deceased), Hugh McIntyre (curmudgeon/polymath) bass (deceased) and Archie Leitch (permanently retired) play less often.

The band currently plays most every Monday night at Forest City Gallery in London Ontario Canada. The atmosphere is informal. We play for our own enjoyment but an audience is welcome.

Read the long story here