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Video Pirate Transmissions
Every Sunday until 10 March 2013
Flea Market Gallery

NWODTLEM is the brainchild of Toronto artist Sean Marven, who wields cut-up multimedia snippets into a bedazzling stream of audio-visual hijinx.

Playful rhythms and over the top laughsanity ensues when B-Movies, celebrity culture and more are thrown into the blender, and chopped into entertaining new monsterpieces. Of Marven’s work, Exclaim Magazine raved “True to sample culture, this is micro-cinema meets post-rave “mashdown” and the results are sensory overload detritus that begs to be played on a larger screen with the volume up all the way.”

Inane Asylum – DVD (artwork on 110 piece puzzle) – 2012
Chopping Spree – DVD – 2010
Video piR8 – 2008
Performed A/V sets in:
Dublin, London, Brighton, Bristol, Montreal, Ottawa, Detroit, St Catharines, New York, Brighton, as well as the legendary Videodrome events and many other events in Toronto.
Co-founded dropFRAME (A/V label) with Pete OHearn
Co-organizer, co-curator of Videodrome
“Through the miracles of video destruction and musical re-assemblance Nwodtlem has created a DVD that even the most jaded of nerds will find it hard to not get hard from.”

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