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Jesse Frank Matthews
Opening Reception Wednesday 24 July 9pm

‘night after night
I chase you down,
night after night
you disappear’

-The Egyptian Lover

The term pheromone, a chemical compound of numerous forms, is derived from two Greek words; pherein (to transport) and hormone (to stimulate). Influenced by the ways that sexual pheromones have been used to  ‘trap’  other species in the insect world. Within this understanding of attraction, the pheromone is simply understood as a chemical compound emitted by the female species to indicate their breeding availability to males, secreting an odour letting others know exactly where to find them.

Humans have manipulated this ancient essence to disrupt mating and control pests, by extracting the powerful pheromones secreted by the female species and consolidating the essence with adhesive, then placed as bait inside an empty cage. As the scent attracts the male(s) they become trapped on the unforgiving sticky surface, laced in subliminal seduction and brought to their demise by deceptive hopes of a potential mate. Cruel, but necessary to some, this scheme has long helped scientists and night club owners to understand the language of love.