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J.E. Simpson and Long Gao in the DTMG at NAC
curated by Lauren Hunter
with tunes by Anthony Sweet

Friday 30 August 2019 / DTMG at NAC

Long Gao’s work is driven by an interest in perception, memory, and our relationship with thenatural world. Over the course of Spring and Summer 2019, he will be continuing his series of Bouquet Deconstructions. As an act of reconciliation, the artist seeks to recreate feelings of infatuation, intimacy and romance. An innocent logic based on intuition is taken when approaching the subject. Born in Beijing, raised in Vancouver, and educated in Toronto, Gao is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

J.E. on his practice: “Inspired by early printing methods, my practice is constantly locating and dislocating a psychic collective. Through myth-making and the unorthodox placement of text, a space comes into being for the recovery of the absolute. The structures present can never be erased completely, and so my discipline is of organic form and language. By inscribing roman text onto elemental objects, I loosen the process from the conditions of categorization. An oblique curiosity emerges, fixated on language & more in touch with the immaterial sense of the object.”