Thurs 23 July




Night of the Comet
USA, 1984. Directed by Thom Eberhardt. 95 min. 14A

This week the NEOWISE Comet’s been lighting up the heavens. You can pick it out just below the Big Dipper. The NAC Nomadic Cinema dares you to double up your celestial entertainments with, Night of the Comet, a cult film about an apocalypse with flesh-eating zombies — stop me if any of this sounds familiar — unleashed on LA after a comet collides with earth. Who is to stop them? Nothing less/more than a couple of Valley Girl sisters with UZIs. They don’t make them like this anymore. Well, actually they do, but you know what we mean.

“Things go bump in the night, characters exchange improbable dialogue, and a good time is had by all even as the world comes to an end.
– Bill Cosford, Miami Herald

“Night Of The Living Dead meets Valley Girl in this entertaining, tongue-in-cheek pastiche of numerous science fiction films.