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Photographs by Paul Tyson
31 March – 12 April
Opening Reception Saturday 31 March 3pm

The reflections series of photographs began in 2010 with the impressionist visual effects of sunlight reflected off water in the old part of Cordoba, Spain. Aquatic reflections continued in Costa Rica where the dappled sun, shadows, and brightly coloured tropical foliage highlighted the complexities of spontaneous natural patterns. Art often deviates from rules, showing the observer an invisible perspective. Lines and colours seen via different mediums such as metal cylinders or optical distortions are infused with the observer’s projections. The progress of this series evolved into photographing my Buddhist Thangkas through distorting optical glass blurring and bending the light spectral array. In addition, computer-imaging algorithms to create self-organizing order out of the chaotic structure of the image digitally enhanced selected pictures. The images we observe conceal our emotions, but by disturbing the spatial relationships these hidden feelings can be liberated to form intangible and mysterious ways of seeing the world.

– Paul Tyson