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Shake Hands with Edwin Conroy Jr.

Edwin Conroy Jr. is an multi-dimensional gentleman. He’s a hilarious comedian, talented actor and founding member of Suitcase in Point Theatre. A heart-on-your-sleeve singer-songwriter and a fearless model. Conroy’s been tarred and feathered and has got the closest I’ve seen to full-frontal male nudity on stage.

In the years when I walked the catwalk (and tried not to fall off), I looked to him for inspiration and advice. He’s been modelling with STRUTT for close to 10 years and has never duplicated an expression. Nobody has ever whispered to their significant other while Conroy has been mid-pose and said “Ugh, that look, I remember that look from 2004. Grab your drink honey, we’re going!”

DeerHunterThe Deer Hunter by Ernest Harris Jr., photograph by Brian Yungblut

Conroy was kind enough to answer a handful questions that you may or may not get familiar with as the countdown to #STRUTT2014 gets closer to zero.

JY: What’s your earliest STRUTT memory? What keeps bringing you back to this wonderful event?

EC: My earliest STRUTT memory was at the Folk Arts Centre. I wore an amazingly heavy and uncomfortable wicker warrior piece. It was a much shorter runway. So short you could fall off the end if you’re not careful. That was about 10 years ago. I keep coming back not only because it’s fun and you get to act like a model, but also because it’s a great way to contribute to a wonderful event. NAC has been a big part of our community for a long time and I feel good to help out the best way I know how – to act like a diva.

I’ve always heard STRUTT described as a fashion show that borders on the absurd – how would you describe it in 7 words or less?

STRUTT is an art show in motion.

Let us in on a secret for this year’s STRUTT.

Big secret for STRUTT. Old man Conroy is limiting his involvement. Need a break so he can go full boar for next year.

Describe in your mind, an ideal party. What are you wearing?

My ideal party would be a summery outdoor party. A pool filled with vanilla pudding. A tuba, violin and accordion player trying their best to play together. Drinks are on the house. And there’s a pillow room for cuddles. I’d wear a suit jacket, a tie, and a bathing suit. No shoes.