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sick secrets
Laura Woermke
Saturday 1 October – Friday 14 October

Reception Satruday 1 October at 7pm

As an artist, I aim to keep the mystery alive in my work as much as possible.  This is reflected not only in the questions I ask, but also by keeping an open mind about how we can engage the work.  This honesty leads to new discoveries, new accidents, and further engagement with the questions.

My work investigates the nuances of surveillance cameras, video clips, and day time television.  Through the use of recorded still images and close-ups we see beyond what the individual is intending to communicate and glimpse secrets and private truths.  Social, political, and psychological dramas gathered from the earlier sources are now performed on the canvas or paper.

As subtle derivatives become frozen through diligent and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a voyeuristic statement on the edges of our condition.

— Laura Woermke