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Simply Saucer and WindfallFound
Saturday 27 June at 8PM
Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace at NAC


SIMPLY SAUCER: A bridge between the psychedelic and punk eras that no one crossed at the time. A harbinger of the future from the past working in the present tense. Saucer was – and still IS – Canada’s foremost psychedelic/proto-punk (whatever THAT means) unit responsible for creating some of the most intense, out-there musical moments in the mid-to late ’70’s.

Saucer combined Detroit street rock grit w/Velvet Underground -inspiration, mixed it with Kraut-rock and early electronic experimentation and came up with something original. Cyborgs Revisited, a compilation of demos and live material was originally released in 1989 on a piece of pressed petroleum-by-product, was re-issued in 2003 on CD by Sonic Unyon, and has garnered great gobs of press.

Half Human, Half Live is the group’s first new set of recordings in nearly 30 years. Both the Human (i.e studio) and Live sides were produced by the band @ Catharine North Studios, with guitarist Stephen Foster overseeing the technical end of things.

The live sides were recorded on June 23rd, 2007, in front of a live, partisan audience. The studio sessions capture the full range of the band’s musical parameters, from the Kinks-ian pop-rock of Almost Ready Betty to the spacey, progressive-rock opus Clearly Invisible to the pastoral, Syd Barret-esque (RIP) Dandelion Kingdom.

Their most recent recording, the Baby Nova vinyl EP, won the 2015 Punk Recording of the Year Award at the recent Hamilton Music Awards. It was recorded in Detroit. At Jim Diamonds Ghetto Recorder Studios.

Edgar continues his parallel career as an acoustic solo artist.

Check out the review of Cyborgs Revisted here

WindfallFound: WindfallFound’s music has been described as “dramatic, dynamic tracks that delve into shoegaze and ambient-rock, [that] also push the boundaries of alternative rock into something massive and creative” (The Dusty Organ).