Saturday 22 November 2014

Best Western – Stay and STRUTT
Prices from $89.50 per person*
Contact 905-688-2324 and ask for the STRUTT Package!


Holiday Inn – Stay and STRUTT 
Prices from $99.50 per person*
Contact 905-934-8000 and ask for the STRUTT Package!

It’s the largest wearable art show in the nation, and there’s nothing like it, nowhere nohow.

You can have your spectacles in all kinds of ways – catastrophic weather, arena rock, NASCAR roll-over wrecks – but there’s nothing like what you get when you tap the underutilized creativity of a mid-sized North American city, pack the energy dense and tight like a C4 charge and detonate it in a big old factory for one colossal night of mayhem.

STRUTT’s got provocative gyrations to smack down a Nicki Minaj menagerie and electromagnetic kinetics to rival the generators churning in the whitewater froth of the Niagara. Combined, it makes for something weirder than Portland or Austin would ever dare to dream. Forget the prevailing square imperatives, STRUTT is the single, annual occasion where Niagara surprises the hell out of itself.

The fifteenth edition of this orchestrated riot of art, music, and performance reaches its crescendo on Saturday 22 November.

Packages Include:

  • Guestroom Accommodations
  • 2 General Admission Tickets to STRUTT Wearable Art Show**

* Rates are subject to availability and standard taxes apply, based on double occupancy.
** Absolutely the cultural event of the year!



Puttin’ on the Ritz hosted by Positive Living Niagara

Puttin’ on the Ritz
Speakeasy Themed Fundraiser
Hosted by AIDS Niagara

Friday 24 October 2014 8PM
$20 cover

AIDS Niagara will be hosting Puttin’ on the Ritz, a wine and cheese fundraiser October 24th at the Niagara Artists Centre. The event will have a 1920’s speakeasy theme so come on all you guys and dames. Get dolled up in your glad rags and head over to the juice joint for a swell time. It’s the cat’s meow!

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at AIDS Niagara or at the door.

The Muted Note

The Muted Note
Extensive Autumn Tour for Multifaceted Poetry + Music + Dance Project
Based on Poems by P.K. Page

Wednesday 24 September 7:30pm at NAC

The Muted Note is a striking accomplishment. It ultimately resonates like P.K. Page’s galvanized language itself.”  –Stuart Broomer, Musicworks

Montreal composer and trombonist, Scott Thomson, and dance artist and vocalist, Susanna Hood, will perform The Muted Note, a suite of songs and dances based on poems by P.K. Page, 40 times and in 9 Canadian provinces in the autumn of 2014.

Scott composed the suite, a hybrid of jazz and artsong, and Susanna subsequently choreographed the songs on three other dancers with live music by Scott’s quintet, The Disguises. Susanna’s dances, like Scott’s songs, are made to be extended through improvisation, and the creative input of their superb collaborators will animate and activate Page’s beautiful verse, the core of this provocatively unconventional Poetry + Music + Dance show. (See personnel below.)

The stage work will premiere with a run at Toronto’s Citadel Theatre, 5-7 September, and then at Montreal’s Monument National, Studio Hydro-Québec, 2-5 October, a co-presentation of Tangente and L’OFF Festival de Jazz.

Apart from these shows, throughout the autumn, Susanna and Scott will tour extensively throughout Canada to play The Muted Note as a duo, the unconventional combination of Voice + Dance + Trombone, performing in cafes, art galleries, bars, dance studios, theatres, classrooms, lofts, and even outdoors. Susanna and Scott will be touring to support their duo CD, also called The Muted Note (&records 2013), and their presenters range across the fields of music, dance, and literature, as well as in universities.

Susanna Hood is an award-winning dance artist renowned, especially, for her synthesis of dance and vocal improvisation, as well as her beautifully crafted choreography. In performance, she sings the song lyrics with tremendous poise and intention, and animates them with her singular improvisations characterized by both their focus and wild abandon. As part of their duo, Scott switches freely from accompanying Susanna to soloing in a vocal, extroverted style reminiscent of his teacher, the great American trombonist, Roswell Rudd.

Patricia Kathleen Page (1916-2010) is one of Canada’s most celebrated literary figures, and wrote some of this nation’s finest poems. She was also a visual artist, working as P.K. Irwin, whose artworks are in the collections of major museums including the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

STRUTT Wearable Art Weekend

STRUTT Wearable Art Weekend
Friday 15 November + Saturday 16 November 2013
WS Tyler – Samuel Building
225 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, ON

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Check out the STRUTT Website for updates:


THE WEARABLE ART EXPO – Friday 15 November

Photography Exhibit
5:30PM – 7:30PM
Free event open to the public

Over three hundred works of wearable art have been created for STRUTT since it first began over ten years ago. All were photographed by NAC member Brian Yungblut. This exhibit of photos by Brian, and other NAC members, capture the best of STRUTT. The exhibition takes place in the WS Tyler factory.

New Era Silent Films and Banquet
8:00 PM – 11:00PM
$85 per ticket or with Curator’s Table (see packages for details)
Contact NAC at 905-641-0331 for packages.

The Sound of Light is a bounty served to all of your senses: images and music moving in unison, wine and cuisine perfectly paired. The Niagara Artists Centre, The Gallery Players of Niagara, and the Wellington Court Restaurant join forces to present an evening of breathtaking imagery combined with a live performance of chamber music and a four course epicurean feast. Wines by Creekside, Stratus, and Henry of Pelham. The screening and dinner take place in the Samuel Building at the WS Tyler factory.


STRUTT Runway Show, Saturday 16 November
STRUTT – Doors at 8:00PM, Show at 9:00PM
Student / NAC – $25
General Admission – $35
Curator’s Row – $60

There are spectacles of all kinds, but the flash and pop of Niagara’s orchestrated collision of art, performance, and music will spin your head into oddball orbit. This year’s STRUTT runway show features a live score by The Sadies, crown princes of Trans-Canadian cosmic rock. STRUTT takes place in the Samuel Building at the WS Tyler factory.

** GA, Student/NAC, and Curator’s Row tickets are only available through Brock Centre for the Arts. **

Table of eight for Saturday Night – $125 per person
Tickets includes Curator’s Table for eight at the STRUTT Runway Show on Saturday night. Available only in bundles of eight. Front Row Seating is not guaranteed, but available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact NAC to purchase your table!

Contact NAC at 905-641-0331 for packages.

Table of eight for both Friday and Saturday Night
$150 per person

Tickets include admission to The Sound of Light screening and dinner on Friday night and a Curator’s Table for the STRUTT Runway Show on Saturday night. Available only in bundles of eight.

Overnight package with tickets to the runway show
$250 Per Couple

Includes, two front row tickets to Saturday night’s STRUTT Runway Show, hotel accommodations, and a wine tour on Saturday or Sunday at one of our winery sponsors.



Saturday 21 September 2013

From 3pm-11pm



Presented by NAC, Blackbeards, Out of the Past, and Liberty!


A Fundraiser for the Niagara Artists Centre
Saturday 6 April 2013 at NAC

Doors at 8pm | Preview at 7:30pm*



Support Niagara Artists!
Support the Niagara Artists Centre!

* preview for NAC Member Supporters, Patrons, and Champions. Renew or upgrade your membership today!


In the Works: Art-Talk Series

In the Works
Saturday afternoons at NAC
Beginning Saturday 26 January 2013
Faculty and Instructors from Brock University’s Department of Visual Arts and Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture speak about art, research and works-in-progress. As a free community event, all are welcome to attend and be part of the discussion.
Shawn Serfas and Duncan MacDonald
Saturday 26 January 3pmIrene Loughlin, Donna Szoke and Aleksandra Kaminska
Saturday 2 February 3pm

Amy Friend, Linda Steer and Judith Graham
Saturday 9 February 3pm

Donna Akrey, Scott Sawtell and Jessica Thompson
Saturday 2 March 3pm

In the Works will take place at The Niagara Artists Centre,
354 St.Paul Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3N2

Krewe Kompressor

An Aquatic Carousal to Benefit NAC and STRUTT
Saturday 25 August 2012, doors open at 9pm
Tickets $15 at NAC in advance, or $18 at the door

Complimentary tickets for NAC volunteers – let us know if you want to go!

Location to be disclosed

NAC works at getting it together, and the more we get it together the happier we’ll be. That’s NAC’s creed, at least for the next while. Getting it together is no simple task, you can get it together by creating an occasion: an exhibit opening, a performance, a film screening. Or, you can go right for it. Be all first-world living. Be all hell-in-a-hand-basket hedonist. Acknowledge that we’re probably some of the most fortunate people living at one of the best times in history, and throw a bountiful, exuberant party that’ll please all senses and sensibilities.

That’s what NAC’s freshly conceived KREWE KOMPRESSOR is out to be. We’re gearing up for STRUTT, droning like a diesel locomotive in the distance and due to arrive the first weekend of November. We’ve got some talking to do about how we’re going to blow the roof off the WS Tyler factory when that train makes its stop. We’ve got a krewe of volunteers who contribute sweat and toil to STRUTT to thank. We’ve got to get it together. We’ve got to fill a room, whip it up, and cut it loose.

To be sure that KREWE KOMPRESSOR kicks mid-sized city ennui squarely in the arse launching it kilometers clear of our municipal borders, this bash has a theme, well, it has an idea for a theme, it’s an undersea shenanigan. We want you to get your freak on, dive in, and dress-up. Anything to do with oceans or water ought to do it.

We hope to see you in the drink.

George Bernard Shaw Brevities of Social Criticism Walking Tour

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The Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) has claimed responsibility for an intervention in the Ontario town best known as the home of the Shaw Festival. Members of NAC have painted neatly stenciled text onto the sidewalks of Niagara-on-the-Lake to create a walking tour punctuated with ten social criticisms attributed to George Bernard Shaw.

The quotations, each only a few sentences in length, combine to make the George Bernard Shaw Brevities of Social Criticism Walking Tour and they express Shaw’s conviction that a fairer and more equitable society is possible. They were painted on the sidewalks by visual artists in the approved heritage colours of Niagara-on-the-Lake in an attempt to stir visitors into reflecting on today’s social and economic issues. As well, the walking tour reconsiders the role that art plays in forcing us to engage us with these issues and preventing us from sidestepping them. In the critical, irreverent, and impudent spirit of Shaw, the walking tour is presented in a way that shows the impatience Shaw would likely have had with many of the bourgeois niceties of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

There are ten quotes on the George Bernard Shaw Brevities of Social Criticism Walking Tour which makes its way from Shaw’s Festival Theatre down Queen and Picton Streets and past the Festival’s Court House and Royal George theatres.

It’s estimated that the latex paint will remain on the sidewalk for about eight to twelve weeks before it wears away on its own from weather and pedestrian traffic

Ten quotes on the George Bernard Shaw Brevities of Social Criticism Walking Tour:

  1. There is no future for men, however brimming with crude vitality, who are neither intelligent nor politically educated enough to be Socialists.
  2. Gambling performs for the poor what property performs for the rich. Something for nothing.
  3. Do not waste your time on Social Questions. What is the matter with the poor is Poverty; what is the matter with the Rich is Uselessness.
  4. A gentleman of our days is one who has money enough to do what every fool would do if he could afford it: that is, consume without producing.
  5. All who achieve real distinction in life begin as revolutionists. The most distinguished persons become more revolutionary as they grow older.
  6. Man is the only animal which esteems itself rich in proportion to the number of and voracity of its parasites.
  7. Most of the fashionable pleasures are too miserable to bear thinking about. That is why intellect is so unpopular.
  8. We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it, than to consume wealth without producing it.
  9. In Hell there is no hope, and consequently no duty, no work, nothing to be gained by praying, nothing to be lost by doing what you like. Hell, in short, being a place where you have nothing to do but amuse yourself, is the paradise of the worthless.
  10. The worst sin towards our fellow-creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that’s the essence of inhumanity.