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Saturday 22 November 2014

Best Western – Stay and STRUTT
Prices from $89.50 per person*
Contact 905-688-2324 and ask for the STRUTT Package!


Holiday Inn – Stay and STRUTT 
Prices from $99.50 per person*
Contact 905-934-8000 and ask for the STRUTT Package!

It’s the largest wearable art show in the nation, and there’s nothing like it, nowhere nohow.

You can have your spectacles in all kinds of ways – catastrophic weather, arena rock, NASCAR roll-over wrecks – but there’s nothing like what you get when you tap the underutilized creativity of a mid-sized North American city, pack the energy dense and tight like a C4 charge and detonate it in a big old factory for one colossal night of mayhem.

STRUTT’s got provocative gyrations to smack down a Nicki Minaj menagerie and electromagnetic kinetics to rival the generators churning in the whitewater froth of the Niagara. Combined, it makes for something weirder than Portland or Austin would ever dare to dream. Forget the prevailing square imperatives, STRUTT is the single, annual occasion where Niagara surprises the hell out of itself.

The fifteenth edition of this orchestrated riot of art, music, and performance reaches its crescendo on Saturday 22 November.

Packages Include:

  • Guestroom Accommodations
  • 2 General Admission Tickets to STRUTT Wearable Art Show**

* Rates are subject to availability and standard taxes apply, based on double occupancy.
** Absolutely the cultural event of the year!