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Inflation by Spencer Johnston & Kasia Smuga / Photography by Brian Yungblut, STRUTT 2013



We’re Ba-ack

The event of the year looms large on the horizon and I’m pretty happy about being back here to delve a little deeper into how STRUTT relates to the bigger picture–especially on the occasion of the runway spectacle’s 15th anniversary. Look for posts by both myself and Jordy Yack as we blog, Tweet, and ‘gram ’til the bitter end to give you the 360 degree view of STRUTT that you’re craving.

Make sure to follow Niagara Artists Centre on Twitter (@NiagaraArtists), “like” NAC’s Facebook page, and subscribe to NAC’s Instagram feed (@niagaraartistscentre), for the full STRUTT preamble. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #STRUTT2014.

The 2014 runway extravaganza goes down at the W.S. Tyler building (225 Ontario St.), on November 22. Runway at 9pm.

You might remember my initial post from last year , where I talked about the imbalance between fashion-as-art object and art object-as-fashion, the former far outweighing the latter as evidenced by a glut of exhibitions at major art galleries over the past decade, celebrating various designers and their oeuvre. Exhibitions in the reverse however, are far and few between, STRUTT being one of them. This phenomenon is no doubt a symptom of a larger problem having to do with arts funding (or the lack thereof), owing to the fact that these designer-focused exhibitions are often funded–at least in part–by the designers/houses themselves. Either way, it’s disappointing and I’d rather pay to see the “embodied” work of Clarina Bezzola, Lucy McRae or Bart Hess any day. And in fairness to fashion (I’m a die-hard fashionphile after all), shoes are most interesting when they’re the icing on the cake of a great outfit.


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