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Installation by Clinton Michael Lown
On display from 3 March – 9 June 2012
Preview: Saturday 3 March at 3pm
Opening Reception and Artist Talk to take place in April

On display in conjunction with Four From Six: Four Artists From Six Nations

I bought a VHS player at a garage sale for 5 dollars.  It worked for a good six months and then I took it to the curb.  My first beta was used and cost me 400 dollars which is the equivalent of 10 000 dollars in today’s dishwashing economy of St Catharines.  I used to work at a video store, gone; a factory, gone; and a full service gas station, gone. I could afford a made of steel, made in Japan Beta Max.  My first machine wasn’t even H Fi and cost me over 500 dollars.  You couldn’t buy a machine back then unless you went to a video store to buy one.  There was no Best Buy next to Future Shop next to Walmart and Zeller’s didn’t have them.  You can own it on Blue Ray and you can spend over 100 dollars a month on internet and cable even though the movies are still the same.  Oh they might look better, but they’re still the same.  I was given a DVD player; I didn’t have to buy one and I’ve already thrown two away.  Now if someone breaks into a house all they can steal has already been taken to the curb and anything made of steel has long been rusted away.  The crows stay high in the trees and wait patiently for me to be taken to the curb and when they do they will fly down and peck out my eyes and take me to a place that’s special.  A place where size matters most, the size of your Beta movie collection.