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In the beta version: Motion Ensemble comes to NAC Wed 22 Jan, The Sno-Thrower happens this Saturday, and Fibre Art Week kicks off on Sunday 2 February!

Motion à trois at NAC
Motion Ensemble
Wednesday 22 January 2014, 8pm

New and experimental music for voice, violin, and clarinet by Canadian Composers. Featuring performances by Helen Pridmore, Nadia Francavilla, Richard Hornsby.

Motion Ensemble is a professional chamber group based in New Brunswick. Motion’s repertoire is an eclectic mix of post-classical and experimental music and often utilize electronics or visual media.

Motion has toured extensively across Canada, reaching as far west as Vancouver and as far east as St. John’s, NL. The ensemble has been heard on CBC Radio and TV and has recorded CDs of works by Veronika Krausas (self produced) and John Cage, on the New York label Mode Records, as part of the monumental collection of the complete works of John Cage, curated by Brian Brandt.

>> Listen here

The Winterfest SNO-THROWER
Saturday 25 January 6pm – 2am
Free Event!

St. Paul Street and Garden Park
Downtown St. Catharines

FREE Event! Licensed! Heated Tent!

SNO-THROWER! NAC Volunteer Appreciation Party! Close St. Paul!
Six Bands! FREE SHOW! Headliner: LINDY (Manitoba/Icelandic popsmith)-CBC Radio2 Top 15 #1 Songs of 2013.

Live Music:
Rusty Water
The Lucky Ones
Windfall Foundation
Awesome Sauce
Paradise Animals