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New works by Sandy Middleton
A selection of photographs on wood and mixed media encaustics.
Saturday 23 May – Friday 5 June 2015
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
Opening Reception Saturday 23 May 2-4pm

Sandy Middleton has worked as both a commercial and art photographer for over 25 years. She graduated from Ryerson University with a BAA in still photography in 1991 and continued her education and work in the design field.

Sandy’s photographic work is about, color, light, movement, the moment, the day-to-day minutes that occur quietly without much notice. It is about the silent and the still, the frozen in time, yet fleeting instances in our lives.

Her subject matter is primarily landscape, travel, nature and still life. She works in analogue and digital photography, large and small format.

She relocated from Toronto after seventeen years to St.Catharines in 2001 where she currently resides.

Sandy has been an active member of the Niagara Arts community. She exhibits her work throughout Niagara and in galleries and arts fairs in and around Toronto.

With NAC Member Sean Benton
Wednesday 27 May and 3 June at 7PM

To register contact Sean at
$100 / person

Colour theory is one of the most fundamental subjects an artist can learn.  Knowing the basics of colour, value, and shape can help artists look and simplify objects from life and photography.  These three elements can help the individual transfer what they see and recreate it through painting.  In these workshops you will learn basic colour theory terminology, be given colour and black and white paint mixing demos, and as well paint your own still life’s.  After completion of the workshop, you should be able to paint anything from life and photographs, train your eye to see and your hand interpret what you see, and begin looking at the world through a painter’s eye!  Materials will be provided by the Instructor.

Call for Artists
Participate in the first “Art Walk in the Forest”
Circulated on behalf of NAC member Lis Hilton

Share the joy of your art and join us in this first Art in the Forest Event. Art and Nature … a natural fit. Squirrel House Gardens includes a forest in a valley … a perfect microclimate. Consider this garden as your gallery for the day. It will be a special day for everyone as they meander through the expansive gardens experiencing art and the garden as one.

How did this all come about?
Squirrel House Gardens has been asked to participate in , a celebration of gardens. It is intended to encourage families to spend time together on this special Father’s Day weekend 20 and 21 of June. We are a private garden rarely open to the public. Passionate about gardening, and the environment we believe that showcasing artists and their work here as an opportunity to strengthen art appreciation, and share our love of the garden. Please submit 2 images of your work. You can schedule a specific time to show your work or you can show all day.

Feel free to sell it. You must be willing to talk about your passion. Space is limited… There is no fee. Please put “Forest Art Walk” in the subject line of your email or call Info 905-685-1608.

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June from 10:30AM to 4PM
Entry donation $8, second person 50 percent off. Wear a stunning hat and get in FREE! Pre-register receive a surprise treat. For more info visit Squirrel House Gardens on Facebook.